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The top 6 reliable Queensland energy providers

Which energy providers are on top of Queenslanders’ list?

Sunshine State residents have a large variety of energy companies to choose from. Of these, six Queensland energy providers have made their way to the top by meeting some specific criteria.

It’s said that the difference between “ordinary” and “extraordinary” is that little extra. It’s the same with Queensland energy providers.

When you’re running your air conditioner to its full potential, whether it’s for cooling or heating, knowing how much energy it really uses and how it affects your power bill can be a ‘life saver’. Since your air conditioner can be significantly energy-hungry during the summer months, working with a good energy company can make a big difference to your family budget.

Based on Canstar Blue’s annual reviews, 6 energy providers ranked highest in customers’ choice. The top considered factors were value for money, bill and cost clarity, tools & advice, environmental sustainability and customer service.

Source: Canstar Blue Most Satisfied Customers Energy Providers 2017/Research based on 1,500 Queenslanders interviewed

Choosing a reliable Queensland company can make a difference in your savings account. That’s why in this blog we’ve put together the best features that popular energy providers pride themselves with.

 1) Alinta Energy

Owned by a Hong Kong-based company, Alinta Energy claims to be the only ‘true’ national electricity and natural gas provider. Headquartered in Sydney and operating in five Australian states, it has also become the most recent best addition to Queensland.

Alinta Energy arrived in South East Queensland in August 2017, in a joint-venture with the state Government-owned CS Energy. It has made a big impression ever since, offering some of the cheapest electricity rates in the Brisbane area and attracting hundreds of thousands of customers.

Points of difference

  • The only 5-star overall satisfaction company, exceeding expectations in categories like value for money, customer service, bill and cost clarity and focus on environmental sustainability.
  • Queensland’s Home Saver Plus – a variable rate plan with a 28% pay on time discount
  • No lock-in contract or exit fees
  • 24 month benefit period
  • 24/7 online account access with MyAccount

Alinta Energy could be a good choice if you aren’t too engaged with your electricity retailer. Its simple offers, competitive value and long benefit periods mean you probably won’t need to deal with your energy company all that often.

2) Click Energy

A 100% Australian-based online electricity retailer, Click Energy has been quite a player in recent years. Acquired by a strong phone and internet provider, the company’s mission is to make electricity as simple as possible. Therefore, it doesn’t lock customers into contracts and offers generous discounts off your entire bill rather than just the usage charge.

Points of difference

  • The 2nd most appreciated energy provider, receiving a 4-star overall satisfaction; awarded areas were value for money, customer service, bill and cost clarity and focus on environmental sustainability.
  • Click Agate plan – a 15% non-expirable pay on time discount off usage and supply
  • No lock-in contracts

Click Energy plans cater to more than 150,000 Australians and have the potential to offer great value. Having a wide range of offers to choose from, you should carefully compare them before deciding on the right one. Otherwise, you might find yourself paying a lot more for energy than you have to.

3) Red Energy

Launched in South-East Queensland in early 2017, Red Energy has already been included in customers’ favourite energy providers lists.  Owned by renewable energy generation company Snowy Hydro, Red Energy has gained popularity with its two best market offers.

Points of difference

  • Another 4-star overall satisfaction energy provider, awarded for customer service and bill & cost clarity
  • Easy Saver – a variable rate plan with a 10% discount
  • Qantas Red Saver and Qantas Red Plus – offering Red Energy customers the chance to earn Qantas bonus points

Taking into account the modest discounts, the company’s focus seems to be on competitive prices rather than unreal discounts. That is why it received a well-deserved 4-star reward by the customers that found their power bills to be transparent.

4) AGL

Established back in 1837, AGL (also known as the Australian Gas Light Company) is the oldest energy provider in Australia.

Operating in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia, AGL offers its customers a wide range of services, from gas to electric, solar PV, hydroelectric, wind power, landfill gas to biomass power sources. AGL has become one of the country’s biggest energy retailers.

Points of difference

  • A 3-star overall satisfaction energy provider, receiving 4 stars for customer service and its focus on environmental sustainability. At the other end, with only 2 stars, there were sections like value for money and tools and advice.
  • AGL Set and Forget and AGL Savers – variable rate plans providing customers with up to 28% direct debit off energy usage charges
  • 12 months benefit period
  • $100 in credits for online electricity and gas switch
  • 24/7 online account access with AGL Energy App

Considering the benefits mentioned above, we see AGL as a reliable company that delivers quality service to its customers. However, you will probably need to shop around if you’re “hunting” for the cheapest electricity deal possible.

5) Energy Australia

Initially called TruEnergy, EnergyAustralia is the country’s third largest energy retailer behind AGL and Origin Energy. Today, the company is providing services to more than 1.7 million customers from NSW, VA, SA, QLD and the ACT.

Compared to other retailers, EnergyAustralia offers fewer plans, making things clear in the electricity world.

Points of difference

  • 3-star overall satisfaction energy provider, being awarded with 4 stars for its customer service and bill and cost clarity. Just like AGL, it only received 2 stars for tools and advice and value for money.
  • Secure Saver – a fixed rate plan that locks in your rates for 2 years, while offering a 28% discount for its Queensland customers. However, exit fees apply if you decide to end the contract earlier.
  • Flexi Saver – a variable rate contract including a 24% pay on time discount from usage charges (for Queensland). Also, as the name implies, it doesn’t lock you in with any exit fees.
  • Anytime Saver – despite the smaller discount (8%), you will still benefit from it regardless of when you pay your bill
  • $50 credit off your first bill for online sign-up
  • 1 year benefit period

Giving the 4-star bill and cost clarity review, the company’s focus on quality rather than quantity is clearer than ever. Despite the limited 1-year benefit period, EnergyAustralia often ranks as one of the cheapest electricity retailers in the country.

6) Origin

Number 6 in our top Queensland energy providers is Origin. Known to be an integrated energy company, Origin generates and sells electricity and natural gas to households across the country. Delivering service to more than 4 million customers, it promises to make energy “more affordable, more sustainable, smarter and easier.

Points of difference

  • 3-star overall satisfaction energy provider, being awarded with 4 stars for its customer service and bill and cost clarity. Just like EnergyAustralia, it only received 2 stars for tools and advice and value for money.
  • Maximiser plan– includes 16% off usage charges when paying by direct debit.
  • Saver plan – a variable rate plan offering a 14% pay-on-time discount, as well as flexible payment options
  • Bill Saver  plan– ideal for low energy users, this variable rate contract offers a guaranteed 12% discount.
  • 12 months benefit period
  • No exit fee or lock-in contract

Thanks to its company values, Origin earned a well-deserved place amongst Australia’s most favourite energy retailers. While you may not find the cheapest plans there, it’s worth knowing you are in “good energy” hands.

What are other energy providers in Queensland?

While only 6 companies qualified in the top of the most reliable Queensland energy providers, there are other ones to consider. Companies like Power Direct, Simply Energy, Click Energy, Energy Locals or Dodo Power and Gas are a few other important names worth mentioning from Australia’s energy highlights.

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