The importance of regular air conditioning cleaning for schools

How kids (and teachers!) can benefit from scheduled air con servicing

Now that most Queensland schools have been fitted with air conditioning, our children can learn in a pleasant ambient temperature all year round – without sweating it out in summer or freezing in winter.

Yet without regular servicing and cleaning, school classroom air conditioners can cause additional problems through poor indoor air quality.

When a classroom air conditioner isn’t properly serviced and professionally cleaned regularly, it can begin to recirculate airborne pollutants such as bacteria, germs and mould spores that can easily be breathed in by kids and teachers.

These pollutants can seriously affect the health and classroom performance of both students and teachers alike, causing problems ranging from an inability to concentrate on classroom teaching to a substantial increase in sick days.

To avoid these problems, school air conditioners should be professionally cleaned at least every year, or in some cases twice a year, to prevent them spreading dangerous mould spores and bacteria.



Health problems caused by dirty school air conditioners

Recent studies have shown* that children exposed to mould in classrooms suffered more symptoms associated with “sick building syndrome”, a condition which can cause severe headaches and respiratory problems. What’s more, the problems became worse when the kids were at school, and improved when they stayed away!

Asthma symptoms in children can be triggered by breathing air that contains something the child is allergic to (such as pollens, animal fur, mould, and dust mites or cat fur), which is dispersed through the classroom by a dirty air conditioner.

There’s also some evidence that exposure to high levels of mycotoxins (toxic substances produced by fungi) can lead to serious neurological damage and even death. Even dead fungi is still toxic, which means it’s not enough to kill the mould – you have to remove it as well.

3 reasons air pollutants can be more harmful to kids

The effects of air pollution take a harder toll on children than adults for three main reasons:

1) Kids’ airways (naturally) are smaller, which means a pollutant that only irritates an adult’s airway can significantly irritate and narrow a child’s airway. This can cause asthma, wheezing, or reactive airway disease (hypersensitivity to allergens).

2) Children are more active than adults and have much more active metabolisms. That means they take in more air, breathe more rapidly, and inhale more pollutants per kg of body weight than adults.

3) Children’s lungs are still growing and don’t reach maturity until they’re about 20. That’s why repeated exposure to air pollution and bouts of asthma can limit the growth of a child’s lungs – and even predispose them to chronic lung disease.

The solution? Eliminate bacteria and mould spores from school air con

Fortunately, there is a cost-effective and efficient solution for classrooms in both new and old school buildings.

Jaric Electrical’s air conditioning cleaning services for schools will eliminate all contaminated pollutants from your classrooms’ air conditioners. We’ll help to reduce a variety of pollutants and allergens and create a healthy, comfortable environment for learning:

  • Fewer cases of asthma and symptoms of allergies
  • Better performance for kids on learning and testing activities
  • Fewer sick days and lost learning for students
  • Lower costs through fewer missed work days for teachers
  • Efficient running means lower energy costs for heating and cooling
  • Cleaner schools with less dust on classroom surfaces and in computers
  • Lower medical costs for teachers and students

Contact Jaric Electrical for school air conditioner servicing

By engaging Jaric Electrical to clean up your classrooms’ air conditioners, your staff and students will enjoy the potential benefits of cleaner air.

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