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Do I need to have my home’s switchboard upgraded?

What the new Australian electrical standards mean for you

Be up-to-date with your legal obligations and make your home the safest place for your family to live in. This blog explains why your home’s switchboard could need an upgrade.

What is a home switchboard, and what does it do?

First of all, a switchboard is the hub of your home’s electrics. Technically, it is an electrical device that distributes electricity from one electrical source of supply to other areas of usage. The operational heart of any building, switchboards have a significant importance for all electrical circuits.

That is why you need to keep them up-to-date not only to fulfil your electricity needs but also to keep you and your family safe.

The wiring rules are changing

At the moment, new Australian Standards in the electrical field are being added, according to the new Wiring Rules AS/NZS 3000. The main areas of change regarding the use of switchboards are:

  • New extended distances for switchboards to create greater safe working space and doorway access
  • Referencing the new switchboard standard to be used in conjunction with the existing standard

Why you may need to upgrade your home’s switchboard

Are you moving to a new home? Or does your old switchboard not comply with the new regulations? In this case, you should consider upgrading it for the following important reasons:

1) Older switchboards cannot meet modern power demands

Back in the day, traditional switchboards were only designed to handle the appliances of their time. So they would typically fulfil small fans, minor kitchen appliances and a washing machine power needs.

Today, there are more electrical appliances in Australian homes than ever before, draining consistently high levels of electricity. Unfortunately, in combination with old wiring, it can lead to domestic electrical hazards such as electrical shocks or electrocution.

2) The risk of fire is just too high

Switchboards relying only on replaceable wires and fuses can represent a high risk of fire. If you do possess such a switchboard in your home and regularly experience blown fuses, it’s because of the excess power demands from modern day appliances mentioned earlier.

Becoming less and less effective at doing its job, the circuit breaker will lead to overloading the system. As a result, switchboard components could melt due to the overheating and eventually catch fire.

3) It’s required by law

Like we said, Australian Government regularly review electrical standards to comply with modern day electrical needs, usage and safety.

Technically speaking, all lighting and power circuits must have safety switches installed in order to prevent electrical accidents from happening. While fuses and circuit breakers protect your switchboard against electrical overload, safety switches can protect your home and your life!

In contrast, modern switchboards do host high-performance safety-switches. So if you haven’t updated your switchboard recently according to the safety regulations, you should take immediate action.

How Jaric Electrical can help with your switchboard upgrade

With a highly qualified team of electricians, we strive to deliver outstanding services at all times. Therefore, our team at Jaric Electrical can provide assistance with planning and coordination for a successful switchboard upgrade, such as:

  • Disassembly of old switchboards and removal from the site
  • New and upgraded switchboard installation
  • Testing and QA inspections on the completed assembly to confirm that it is ready for use

If you need any domestic electrical services, call Jaric Electrical on 1300 452 742 or contact us online to get personalised advice and solutions for your home.