Which are the best smart apps to control your air conditioner?

Control your home climate from your phone

There’s no doubt that technology constantly shapes our world. Today we don’t just use technology, we live technology. And we keep creating new tools to make our life easier in every possible way.

Smart devices such as smart TVs, smartphones, smartwatches and more have replaced traditional versions. We are connected to our smartphones so that they can connect us with other people or devices – including our air conditioners. That’s why the best cooling or heating solution might just be a smart app away from you.

Smart air conditioners have now become quite trendy, that is why many manufacturers and their associates put all of their efforts into creating top-of-the-line air conditioner apps.

Read on to discover which mobile app – available in your App store or Play store – is suitable for you and your lifestyle.

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Tado Smart Air Con Control app

Launched in 2015, the Tado Smart Air Con Control was the world’s first device to make any remote-controlled air conditioner smart.

Created by a German tech company and preferred by many other European countries, Tado Smart Control has been slowly expanding around the world as it aims to save energy and bring more comfort into people’s lives and homes.

The system has a Wi-Fi connector placed close to the air con and a corresponding smartphone app with several great functions. The app allows you to monitor your home temperature even on the go, that is why distance is no longer an issue.

Setting independent multi-zone control, as well as scheduling different temperatures at different times of the day right from your phone are just some of the highlights.

In addition, the “geofencing” option will use your smartphone location in order to turn your air con off while you are away and cool down the house before you arrive. This optimised performance can lead to energy savings of up to 40%.

You can visit their website to learn more about Tado Smart Control products and services.

Air Touch control app

AirTouch promises, “Anytime, anywhere control as long as you have a Wi-Fi or 3G/4G connection”.

Anything from switching on or off, adjusting the temperature and monitoring your air conditioning while you’re away, make it a great candidate for your climate control needs.

For your convenience, you can prepare the perfect environment right from the office desk, gym or shopping mall so you arrive home to a cool, pleasant environment.

Also, you can change your air con mode from “cool” to “heat”, “fan” or “automatic”. Or, you can choose to receive temperature and usage alerts with real-time data directly on your smartphone.

You can find more info about AirTouch technology here.

AirPatrol Wi-Fi app

This wireless controller helps homeowners save money and energy, allowing them to manage their split air con directly from a smartphone. Technically, AirPatrol system has two parts: a smartphone app and a receiver. There are several advantages when choosing AirPatrol Wi-Fi app, such as:

Quick and easy air con control. It uses Wi-Fi for communication between your smartphone and AirPatrol, and IR (infrared) between your air conditioner and AirPatrol.

Energy efficiency and money saving method. You can choose to turn on or off, or adjust different temperatures for the rooms you wish to cool down. This means you end up cutting your energy bills.

“Anytime, anywhere” control. Just connect to Wi-Fi and AirPatrol will do anything for your climate control needs no matter the time or place.

Alerts and notification. This proves to be very useful as it informs you about power outage and even prevent domestic accidents from happening.

It is compatible with all major air con brands such as Daikin, Fujitsu, Panasonic, Mitsubishi Electric, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, LG, Samsung, etc.

Visit AirPatrol website and stay up to date with the latest deals, features and other supported air con brands.

Melissa Climate app

This technology proves to be “not your average air con control solution”. Armed with a strong receiver and an intuitive app, Melissa Climate constantly monitors your rooms’ temperature and adjust it at your convenience – manually or automatically. Here are some key features:

Geolocation. All you have to do is let the app have access to your current location and it will take care of the rest, the moment you walk out the office door until you arrive home at your preferred temperature.

Timers and daily schedule. You can plan – using an app setting – when to turn your air con on or off according to your needs; plus, you can define the fan speed and desired temperature for every day of the week.

Alarms. Get notifications from your air con straight on your mobile phone, such as temperature and humidity changes; you can also set lowest or highest values to trigger the alarm

Special commands. You can personalise and add new functions to the app to fully adapt it to your air con brand or model

Learn more about Melissa Climate products here.

Ambi Climate app

Similar to AirPatrol, Ambi Climate works using a cloud system. Once your air con is connected to the receiver and then to the cloud, it can be accessed from your smartphone via the app no matter where you are.

So what makes it different? Well, Ambi Climate claims to be the world’s first Artificial Intelligence enabled smart air conditioner controller, using sensors and live data to create a personalised comfort profile and optimally adjust your environment based on you. In this matter, the device takes everything into account: indoor conditions (temperature, humidity, occupancy and activity), as well as outdoor conditions (weather, sunlight, etc.). Ambi Climate then learns and remembers your preferences and can automatically turn on the air con as you’re heading home, all thanks to smartphone geolocation tracking.

Plus, with the help of its predictive climate control technology, you can save up to 30% on your energy bill. Get more insights about Ambi Climate here.

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The smart apps mentioned above have gained quite some popularity on the Australian air con market. A new age of intelligent air conditioner control is just around the corner!

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