The latest types and features of Australian power points

A look at the role of power points

Since there is a wide range of power points on the market today, it’s best to learn about how each one of them can respond to your electrical needs. Also, remember that only a qualified electrician can install and replace your power points!

A power point is commonly known as a ‘socket outlet’ or a GPO (General Power Outlet or General Purpose Outlet). Basically, it is a point where people and electricity come very close to each another. That’s why they should be installed correctly and comply with Australian standards at all times.

Technically speaking, power sockets are devices that connect electrically operated equipment to the primary alternating current power supply in a building. Back in 1880s, people mainly used electricity for lighting or portable appliances. That is why some older homes still have just one single power point.

Nowadays, our many home appliances, such as computers, TVs, refrigerators, cooking appliances or phone chargers, strictly dependent on electricity, Thus, installing several power points is undoubtedly safer than running extension cords all over the house.

What types of power points do you find in Australia?

There are currently around 15 types or GPOs in common use around the world. In Australia, we use the type “I” socket with 2 or 3 pin-plug and a current rating of 10 amps. Some common types of household power points that comply with the AS/NZS 3112 Standards include:

  • Single and double GPO

If you’re building a new house, we recommend you use single power points strictly where you have one device to connect to. On the contrary, a double power point is a lot more convenient and allows you to group appliances to the same power source.

  • Double GPO with switch

Besides the power switches, you can also include a light or fan switch directly on your power point in order to reduce clutter on your walls. However, keep in mind that you need to provide additional instructions whenever you have guests at your place.

  • Weatherproof GPO

If you need to plug an electrical device and work outside the house, a weatherproof power point would probably be your best bet. This way you will be safe, ‘whatever the weather’.


Last but definitely not least are the “now-trending” USB power points. They generally provide 2 USB ports where you can charge your phone or camera without the need of an adaptor.

Safe and reliable power point installation, replacement and repair

Whilst it may seem pretty straightforward to install or replace a power point, getting it even slightly wrong can be extremely dangerous. For this reason, doing DIY electrical work without any kind of qualifications is strictly prohibited.

If you need to install or replace power points in your home, you can rely on our team of licensed electricians. The experience, efficiency and proactive nature are the qualities that make Jaric Electrical your local expert in domestic electrical concerns.

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