Try these 5 simple strategies to improve office air quality

Today, office air quality is a subject of public health importance since we spend a lot of time indoors. When properly maintained, office air can maximise your employees’ productivity at the workplace. That’s why Jaric would like to promote healthier offices across Australia by offering you general guidance on indoor air quality.

Just like any good investment, office air quality is also a key component to a business’s success. Since we’re spending approximately 90% of our time indoors, it is crucial that we breathe healthy air at home and at the office, too.

Given Jaric’s decades of experience in the air conditioning industry, ensuring good air quality is what we constantly aim for. For this reason, we’ve comprised a comprehensive guide including the actions you can take for a healthy business environment.

#1 Assess the health risks and causes of poor office air quality

First and foremost, it should be the responsibility of the building owner and maintenance team to set up, implement, and monitor an indoor air quality programme. Alternatively, office management teams should also comply with the current Australian standards and the guidelines for a healthy indoor air.

Similar to the main causes of the home air pollution, there are some factors in the office that can give rise to poor air quality. From mould, chemical cleaning solutions, insufficient ventilation, strong air fresheners, to incorrect air conditioner installation and placement, these all mean trouble. Identifying and reducing the threats will get you closer to achieving healthier office air.

#2 Perform an annual test of the office air quality

Another important step you, as a business owner, can take for a healthy workplace is to schedule air quality tests. You should look for a competent company to conduct the office air audit and make sure that no new contaminants have been introduced on the premises.

Regular testing is, therefore, a guarantee that both you and your employees can trust the air you breathe at work.

#3 Constantly support a smoke-free workplace

Did you know that cigarette smoke is one of the most dangerous pollutants that can affect office air?

Make sure that no employee or business partners smoke inside your building, or near entrances, garage doors or air con units. There is actually a law practiced worldwide that any person working indoors should comply with. So, enforcing the non-smoking policy at the office at all times means respecting the others and the environment.

#4 Educate employees that each one of them contributes to a good office air quality

Although it seems difficult to imagine one single person being responsible for hazardous levels of toxins and chemicals in your office air, sometimes that’s all it takes. For example, someone may bring in pet dander, third-hand cigarette smoke, or other VOCs found in commonly used products. All in all, these pollutants can have a negative impact on the overall quality of your office air.

You should also encourage staff to use fewer amounts of air fresheners, chemical cleaners, and sanitizing solutions. Alternatively, place a few plants throughout the office to help remove airborne chemicals or biological contaminants.

#5 Keep a log tracking of the air con system maintenance and filter changes

Generally speaking, your air conditioner can significantly improve your indoor air quality, at home or at work. So familiarise yourself with the air conditioning system routine maintenance at the office. This is probably one of the most important things you can do to promote a healthy office air.

Did you set up a programme to regularly check and monitor temperature, relative humidity and air flow during working hours? Is there a regular schedule for cleaning and maintenance of the air conditioning system in the building? Are all the components of the air-conditioning system regularly inspected for leaks, breaches or other technical issues?

Therefore, your office air con maintenance should be in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations to ensure that the equipment operates efficiently. We recommend scheduling a professional check at least every 6 months for long-lasting top performance. Make sure you also clean and replace the filters so that they are performing properly at all times.

Maintain your office air conditioner and improve your air quality

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