Is a multi split system better than other air con options?

After learning about the main differences between a single split and a ducted air conditioner, now it’s time to take it to the next level: what are the situations when a multi split would be more efficient than other air conditioning options? In order to figure this out, it’s important to understand the entire “profile” of a multi split air conditioner.

What is a multi split system air con?

A multi split, also known as a multi-head split system,  is an air conditioner which allows multiple indoor units to be operated from a single compressor. Typically, it can cool and/or heat from 2 to 5 separate rooms, however, the latest models are designed to cover up to 13 rooms (eg. Daikin’s VRV IV-S multi split air conditioner).

Most multi split systems are available in reverse cycle (heating and cooling) and cooling-only models, so you can choose the one that is just right for your lifestyle.

How does a multi split system work?

Multi head systems have one outdoor unit (the compressor) which is connected to multiple heads (indoor fan coil units), placed in different rooms throughout the house by pipes. Technically, it works by pumping air from the outdoor unit, already heated or cooled, into these indoor units and out into your home.

In order to satisfy everyone’s needs and preferences, each indoor unit can also be individually controlled, scheduled and set to the desired room temperature, making it a flexible air conditioning solution.

When is a multi split system air con appropriate for you?

There are some situations when multi split system would do a better job than other air conditioning options, keeping you and your family comfortable. To be more precise, choose a multi split if you want:

  • An alternative to several wall splits so that you don’t require several outdoor units affecting the appearance of your home or taking up valuable space;
  • An alternative to a ducted system when there is insufficient roof space to fit a ducted air con. Therefore, it can successfully perform an “entire-house-air-conditioning” type of job.

A multi split can also be a right match for buildings including:

  • Flat-roof or double storey homes where there are no penetrations (spaces to fit ducting from the roof to the ground floor)
  • Townhouses and units where only one unit fitted in a balcony is allowed
  • High profile buildings where multiple outdoor units are not aesthetically pleasing.

Multi split systems not only optimise comfort but they save on running costs by only heating or cooling rooms according to one’s request. However, it’s worth taking into consideration that the cost of a multi split system can be higher than a zoned ducted-system, so carefully reading the specifications of a multi split air con is a “must-do” before you make the purchase.

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