What’s the most efficient home air conditioner?

A look at how your air con’s inverter can help save you money

In these extraordinary times, many families are looking at new ways of minimising their expenses – and that includes cutting down their energy bills.

So what’s the best way to make sure your home air conditioner doesn’t cost you the earth in terms of power bills? Let’s take a look at “inverter technology” for air conditioners, and how it can help save you from a big power bill.

Why is an air con inverter important?

An air con inverter works to control the speed of the compressor motor, to continuously regulate the temperature of your home. This helps to reduce the unit’s power consumption where possible to achieve the best result.

Simply put, the air con unit requires less energy to achieve your desired temperature when compared to other units.

This means that an air con with an inverter has to work less hard on a cooler day. You can just imagine how this technology passes along the energy savings!

And while an inverter air conditioner may be more expensive to purchase than a constant speed air conditioner, you’ll find this is more than made up for by the lower energy bills you’ll enjoy over the years.

Which air con brand has the best inverter technology?

In our experience at Jaric Group, thanks to their in-built inverters, some Mitsubishi Heavy Industries air conditioners can handle up to 46° and yet still function effectively to full capacity!

When the outside temperature is very high, the outdoor unit expels heat and needs to be cooled. If the unit struggles to be cooled it will lose capacity. This is important because if the air con’s capacity drops, it will consume more energy to do the same job. Hello increased power bills!

All of this helps to explain why Mitsubishi Heavy Industries air conditioners are definitely the leaders in inverter technology.

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