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3 reasons why you absolutely need to look for the ARCtick

How the ARCtick can help you with all your air conditioning needs

Whether it’s an air con system installation, service or repairs that you’re looking for, this article is for you. Here are the main reasons you should always look for that tick.

First of all… what does the ARCtick mean?

The ARCtick – also known as RHL (Refrigeration Handling Licence),  ARC (Australian Refrigeration Council) license or RAC (refrigerant and air conditioning) license – is your technician’s “must-have” certificate.

The ARCtick scheme is a national, skills-based licence scheme, operating since 2005 and servicing over 85,000 licensed businesses and individuals.

It’s extremely efficient, acknowledged internationally and independently as one of the world’s best (according to ARHI report 8018 – Review of Refrigerant Management Programs). Also, the scheme operates under the Ozone Protection and Synthetic Greenhouse Gas Management Act 1989. This covers refrigerants that are ozone depleting and synthetic greenhouse gases.

What types of ARC licences are there?

There are two types of licences that the Australian Refrigeration Council issues for qualified individuals. In order to perform any kind of air conditioning jobs, installers should hold at least one of them:

  • Full Refrigeration and Air Conditioning (RAC) Licence – allowing technicians to take care of installation, service, repair, maintenance or decommissioning of any air conditioning system of any cooling capacity.
  • Restricted Split System Air Conditioning Installation and Decommissioning (Splits) License – allowing technicians to work with a single head split system air conditioner of less than 18kW cooling capacity, including installation, commissioning and decommissioning the system.

What are the reasons why you should look for the ARCtick?

1) It’s environmentally responsible

When it comes to working with RAC equipment, there is a risk that fluorocarbon refrigerant can be released into the atmosphere. This can happen whilst an inexperienced technician is decanting, installing, repairing, servicing, maintaining, commissioning or decommissioning the refrigerant or equipment.

If such thing occurs, fluorocarbon refrigerant does significant damage to the ozone layer – a problem that is particularly noticeable in Australian skies. While other synthetic greenhouse gases don’t deplete the ozone layer, they can still contribute to global warming and need to be carefully monitored.

By choosing a technician that has the ARCtick, you will significantly reduce these risks.

2) You get 100% safe and quality services at Australian Standards at all times

When the situations described earlier do happen, they become not only a threat to the environment but also to yourself. That’s why it is part of your legal obligations to hire a licensed tradesperson that will make sure all the procedures are respected according to the Australian laws.

Don’t forget, safety comes first! By looking for the ARCtick, choosing a right tradesperson shouldn’t be a gamble anymore.

3) You’ll have the peace-of-mind of choosing a licensed and qualified technician

A licensed technician is always the best solution to your air conditioning concerns. That is why you should know there are several options to check whether the tradie is or isn’t right for the job. You may find the following tools useful when checking the Refrigerant Handling Licence:

On this platform, you can enter a technician’s licence number and surname and the results will tell you about the accuracy and type of licence the technician holds.

  • Download the ARC ‘smart card’

The ARC ‘smart card’ is a soon-to-be-implemented solution to recognize a licensed technician with the help of a phone app. Besides that, it aims to be a user-friendly way of verification, giving access to technical resources, as well as to a valuable database.

Remember, Jaric Group have already been ARC ‘ticked’

We hope you found this article useful and you will have enough reasons to always look for the ‘tick’, no matter what air conditioning services you may need. Call our Jaric air conditioner experts today on 1300 452 742.

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