Jaric replaces old noisy air conditioner

New air con helps to lower power bills

We love to share stories from happy Jaric customers who have benefitted from our expertise and passion for customer service. In the video below, we are here for a chat with Jerry and Sandy. We’ve also included a transcript of this interview for you:

Air conditioner becoming noisy and inefficient

Sandy: Well, our aircon was getting older and we realised that it was getting very noisy. There were different solutions that we could have done. And we tried a couple, with replacing fans but being an old unit, getting other parts didn’t work so well. We were worried about the neighbours, their playroom is right opposite where the unit is and it is also outside our daughter’s bedroom so there was a lot of noise at night when we were trying to cool the house during the middle of summer.

So we rang John and we had a discussion about more solutions, and he came up with replacing the unit because of its age and because of the noise. And we have been very happy with the result.

Jerry: Yes, it’s been good. The other thing is the power bill. That was the other thing that we were concerned about. We didn’t know, but we suspected that the power bill was higher than it should have been. So yeah.

Sandy: It turns out that it halved our power bill so we are very happy with that. Yeah there was a bit of  :’ and hollerin’ when that came in.

“Going the extra mile” with outstanding service

Jerry: The other thing I just want to add John, is that with your guys, when they were working here, I was working nearby and I just overheard a conversation; and I heard one of them saying, let’s make sure that we move this here for easy access and servicing down the track. And I thought that they’re going the extra mile. They didn’t know that I was particularly listening and I got from that, that they do a really good, thorough job. And we’ve been absolutely delighted with it.

And the other thing Sandy, is that the whole thing is so quiet now inside and out.

Sandy: I know! I hardly know it’s on. In fact I have to check the light on the wall to know that it’s on it’s just that quiet.

And the boys were just wonderful, they kept us informed of what they were doing the whole way and John kept in touch via email about when the unit was available and when we would be able to get it installed. It was fabulous.

Jerry: A good experience, thanks John.

Ask for advice from your local air conditioning expert

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