How to service your air conditioner

A practical DIY guide to giving “first-aid” to your air con

“What should I do when…?” It’s the first question you ask yourself or the internet about your air con while you’re nervously shuffling through the instruction manual. But don’t press the panic button yet! In this news post we’ve put together 5 of the most common situations for you to know about, when your air con unit cries for help.

1) What should I do when the filter light is flashing?

If you happen to see an annoying light flashing on your air con unit, then it’s a clear sign that your filter requires cleaning. Keeping the filter free from debris is vital for both your air conditioner and your family’s health. How often should you get it cleaned though? At home or the office, we recommend doing this routine once per month for optimal efficiency.

If the filter light keeps flashing even after you’ve cleaned it, then your air conditioner needs to be reset. This can easily be a DIY operation: all you have to do is remove the grille, find and press the reset button. In ducted and commercial systems, use the reset button located on the controller.

2) What should I do when my air conditioner is set on heating mode but blowing cold air?

Picture this: it’s winter. Your air conditioner unit is switched on “heating mode” on a regular basis. All of a sudden, you start to feel a cold breeze coming from the air conditioner vents. Have you messed up your air con settings? No, you haven’t!

Technically, when the desired temperature is reached, the indoor unit stops heating the air and slows down the fan, but it will keep circulating a small amount of air in order to measure the air temperature.

One of the reasons for this is when you manually set the air con speed to “constant operation” and don’t let the unit determine when to run the fan. This means the indoor fan will blow air regardless of the room temperature or mode of operation. To undo this problem, simply deactivate the option from the air con controller.

3) What should I do when my air con indoor unit becomes very noisy?

Probably one of the most irritating domestic noises is the one that comes out from the air con unit. A common cause is a blocked return air filter, which means that the air struggles to pass through, creating noise during operation.

Another reason is the grille not fitting properly, allowing air to bypass it and “whistle” when the fan is running. In this case, we advise you to clean the filter first with a hose and then let it dry. Second, put the filter back into the grille and ensure it is centred to prevent the unwanted air gaps.

If the noise from your air conditioner becomes more intense, turn it off immediately! It’s a sign that the fan motor mounts have possibly failed, and a qualified technician will need to assist you.

4) What should I do if there is smoke, steam or water coming from the air con outdoor unit?

Steam from your outdoor unit is pretty common during the winter season when your air conditioner is set on “heating” mode. This is actually due to condensation evaporating into the atmosphere and preventing airflow over the radiator coil.

On the other hand, if the steam smells like burnt plastic or rubber, switch off the air conditioning unit immediately and contact an experienced tradesperson to investigate the cause.

When you see water on the ground near your outdoor unit, it is because your air con is designed to remove moisture from the outdoor air on the heating cycle. To avoid this, get the unit to drain into a downpipe or garden bed.

5) If my air conditioner broke, should I install a new unit by myself?

This is the ultimate question every experienced air conditioner user tends to ask. However, when it comes to servicing an air conditioning unit, only a licensed technician can safely and legally do the procedure. At Jaric Air-conditioning, our skilled, experienced and qualified technicians are ARC Tick certified and registered at the Australian Refrigeration Council.

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