Get your air conditioner ready for summer!

The 4 simple tips you need to know

On the first scorching day of Australian summer, the last thing you want is to turn on your air con only to find that it doesn’t work. It’s better be safe than sorry!

With temperatures climbing to the 30s, you’ve probably asked yourself how you can get your air con ready for summer. Doing proper planning and preparations is the key to a continued success for air con costs and performance. Plus, taking extra care now means having fewer worries while gaining more comfort throughout the entire hot season.

So, regardless of the type of air conditioner you have installed in your home, Jaric Group offers you these four simple tips to ensure great air conditioning performance all summer long.

1) Ensure a complete air con maintenance before it goes full speed ahead

First, you should know that your air conditioner needs some tender loving care just like any other high-powered electrical equipment. That means completing a thorough maintenance will likely be rewarded in the long run. Things like checking your filters, and cleaning the condenser and fins should definitely be on your priorities list.

 2)  Give your air conditioner a test run

Once you completed the cleaning procedures, it’s time for the first power-up. In case you haven’t used the air con at all in Brisbane’s mild spring, you may want to pay attention to any strange noise or bad odour coming out of it. Also, for your safety, make sure there are no refrigerant leaks as this may eventually become a real hazard.
What size air con do you need?

3) Remember that air cons and fans can make a good team together

Despite the fact that air conditioners are highly superior to ceiling fans in terms of comfort, it certainly doesn’t hurt to use them in tandem from time to time. If done correctly, this strategy may save you a decent amount of both energy and money.

4) Ask the experts if you have any other concerns or issues related to your air conditioner

Now, did you get your air con ready for summer? If you have doubts and think it’s still room for improvement, our air con specialists would be happy to assist you. From inspecting and diagnosing all the way to optimising your air conditioner, Jaric Group have the necessary skills and knowledge to get the job done. At the end of the day, a professional tune-up is just the trick you’re missing for a long-lasting performance and comfort.

Need quality and cost-effective air conditioning services for your Brisbane home? Talk to our qualified technicians at Jaric Air Conditioning or call 1300 452 742 and we’ll get it started at your earliest convenience.