What is the difference between a fixed speed and an inverter air con?

How to choose the best system for your home

Inverter or non-inverter? This is the question we get quite a lot from homeowners and business owners that want to purchase a new air con. As you already know, different factors such as building size, floor plan, price and energy usage need to be considered in the search for the best results. These days, though, you may find that most air conditioners are inverter models.

Before you choose an air conditioner, you may wonder: ‘Should I choose a fixed speed or an inverter air con?’ In order to decide which one is better, you must first understand the difference between the two types.

Let’s look at the mechanism behind both systems, so that you can make the best choice possible.

What are fixed speed air conditioners and how do they work?

A fixed speed, also known as non-inverter or standard air conditioner, features a single speed motor operation: on and off. Basically, once it reaches the desired temperature, it turns off, then back on when the temperature rises to a set level. In other words, this standard compressor always runs at full speed or stops completely depending on the temperature requirements.

This model may be a good option if you are on a budget and you want to save on upfront costs. Since there aren’t many components to deal with, repair charges are usually cheaper as well.

On the other hand, due to their ‘on and off’ cycle, fixed speed air cons use a significant amount of energy. That means they are much less efficient compared to modern technologies. They also fail to keep a constant temperature in your home or office, thanks to the system limitations.

So if flexibility, performance and energy efficiency are on top of your priorities list, then you may want to take a look at an inverter air conditioner system.

What are inverter air conditioners?

Inverter technology is typically considered to be a better choice if you’re looking for the optimal domestic or commercial air con performance.

Technically, the inverter air con controls and varies the speed of the compressor motor, similar to a car. The compressor from the outdoor unit doesn’t have to switch on and off continuously. In exchange, it speeds up or down when necessary in order to keep a constant, comfortable temperature at all times.

Plus, due to its efficient operation, there is less stress on the compressor, as well as on the other parts of the system. That means you’ll save money not only on electricity but also on maintenance. What’s more, an inverter air con features higher energy ratings than a non-inverter one, which makes it friendly with the environment, too.

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