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Top 6 warning signs of faulty wiring in your home

Look out for the warning signs and stay safe

Faulty wiring is not something to take lightly. Whether it’s old, damaged or poorly maintained, your electrical wiring system may have some problems you are not aware of. However, if you know the warning signs, then you will be able to see them and act just in time.

Generally, you can easily spot minor electrical problems around your home and get your local electrician to fix them. Unfortunately, faulty wiring isn’t always obvious but there are a few signs* telling you it might be trouble lurking behind the walls and ceilings

1) Tripping safety switches, circuit breakers or fuses

Whether it’s a safety switch, circuit breaker or fuse, they are all designed to keep you safe from electrical hazards. In theory, tripping means that they are actually doing their job. However, if your safety switch trips more than usual, then it may be because of faulty wiring.  It’s best to call your local electrician to examine the wiring as soon as possible.

2) Dimming or flickering lights

Lights at home can also warn us about a potential problem with our electrical system. For example, lights can dim or flicker sometimes when you plug in or switch on an energy-hungry appliance.

However, if this happens quite often, it can indicate faulty wiring or an older circuit breaker that may need replacement.

3) Blackened sockets and switches

You should also pay close attention to any power outlet that has a charred surface. If you notice a discolouration or scorch marks on your outlets, then it’s most likely that the wiring in your home has been damaged in some way and is releasing heat. In this case, it should be replaced right away.

4) Buzzing lamps

Also, if your lamp buzzes when you turn it on, it’s probably because of a bad wire. However, if you feel a slight buzz or shock when you turn it on, this means trouble. So you should call out a qualified professional to check it out in a timely manner.

5) Shocking sockets and switches

Similarly, a socket or switch that gives you an electrical shock is a clear sign that something is wrong within the wiring system.

For instance, it could be the outlet itself or a wiring problem with an appliance plugged into the socket. Either way, it can be extremely dangerous and should be therefore assessed by a qualified electrician.

6) A burning smell

Finally, you should never ignore a burning odour in and around your home. If you smell burning plastic of vinyl, then this definitely means you have faulty wiring in your home.

So use your nose to sniff out the source of the problem when you suspect an electrical issue. Burning smells usually warn you about a potential fire within your electrical system. Therefore, it’s of utmost importance to have it fixed by an electrical expert immediately.

In conclusion, trust your senses and trust the professionals. Whether you see, hear or smell any of the warning signs above, you should take it really seriously. Contact a licensed electrician to take care of the problem so that you and your family will stay safe at all times.

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The expert team at Jaric Electrical can offer you the advice you need to stay safe at home. WARNING! These signs are meant for inspection purposes only. For your safety, if you find any problems with your electrical system, do not attempt to fix it yourself!

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