Interesting facts about the evolution of air conditioning

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Have you ever wondered how fascinating the evolution of air conditioning is? Have you heard about the cooling systems people used before air conditioners were invented? We looked into air conditioning history and found some really interesting facts that are worth your attention. So, step into our time machine and enjoy the ride!

What are the first steps in the evolution of air conditioning?

1830sIt all starts in the 1830s when a machine to cool hospital rooms was designed by Dr. John Gorrie. Basically, the entire “mechanism” consisted of a fan that blew air over a container of ice. He only needed to worry about a lot of ice refills…

In 1881 US naval engineers needed a way to keep President James Garfield comfortable, as he was very sick and needed cool air. They built a machine that blew air through a cloth soaked in ice water. Fortunately, it dropped the room temperature by about 7 degrees Celsius. Unfortunately, it used over 225,000 kg of ice in two months. You can’t put a price on comfort!

Skipping to 1902, A brilliant mind, Willis Carrier, worked at a New York publishing company and designed the first air conditioner. This is when modern-day air conditioning was born. This young engineer created a machine that blew air over cold coils in order to control the humidity of the building and helped the ink dry faster. Proud of his invention, he called it the “Apparatus for Treating Air” and received a grant for it in 1906. We are grateful and proud of him, too!

1930sIn the early ages, home air conditioners were very big, noisy and full of chemicals. It was then when people became able to purchase an individual room air conditioner. In fact, only the upper class could afford to buy one as it costed them the equivalent of $165,000 to $840,000 each. Money can’t buy happiness but it could definitely buy cooling comfort!

1960sIt was only in the 1960s when air conditioners started to become popular in Australia. Increased social and economic growth allowed for the introduction of air conditioning; especially in the hotter parts of Queensland, Northern Territory or Western Australia. The new technology made living and working in these parts much more enjoyable.

1970sIn the 1970s, air conditioning began to take on its modern look as central units became replaced with the more recognizable window-mounted air conditioners, marking another step in the evolution of comfort.

Does air conditioning technology stop here or is it moving forward?

Today, it seems that technology of air conditioning is starting to peak. From reverse cycle and smart air conditioners to touchscreen controls and human presence sensors, new features are continuously added in order to make your life easier and more comfortable.

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