How to teach your children about electrical safety at home

The importance of understanding home electrical safety

Electrical safety at home is a major responsibility for parents. After all, we always look for all possible ways to protect our children. But what is the best approach to teach kids about electrical safety?

One way to do this is by informing, demonstrating and setting a personal example of how to deal with electricity. Since children have a natural curiosity about the world around them, we should be careful with them not getting hurt. Here’s how you can prevent any incidents from happening and take an active role in educating your kids about potential electricity risks. 

 1) Educate rather than setting strict rules at the very beginning

They say that sometimes, rules are made to be broken. Yet with electricity, breaking the rules just once is enough for fatal accidents to happen. That’s why it’s necessary to inform and educate your children about electrical hazards.

You can find plenty of children’s books explaining how different things work, so visit your local library or bookstore. Plus, there is also lots of useful information online including home safety topics talking to children in particular about electricity.

2) Explain to your kids how electricity works

Remember knowledge is power! Of course, electricity makes our lives much easier, such as with the home appliances we use on a daily basis. So it’s important to take the time to explain to your children how electricity works, then teach them to respect it properly. As long as they correctly apply some basic principles, they will also learn to keep themselves safe. Here are some of the most common electrical terms your kids can learn about.

You can also include utility emergency numbers and instruct your children how to call for help in case of an emergency.

3) Be an example to your children about electrical safety at home

Ultimately, the best form of education is by being a role model yourself. Follow all the safety principles and use the correct behaviour when dealing with electricity so you can set the right example.

Electrical safety tips to protect your children

  • While children are very small, put child-proof covers on all electrical outlets. Keep all the cords of different appliances out of reach of toddlers.
  • Avoid keeping electronic items (such as a hair dryer or a mobile phone) plugged in and switched on while you are away. Small children tend to put these things in their mouth.
  • Keep drinks away from electrical appliances as water and electricity NEVER MIX!
  • Watch for overloads! If children play and plug in too many electrical devices into one outlet, an overload may occur.
  • Remember extension cords are a serious tripping hazard, especially for little ones, when they’re not set up properly.
  • Teach your children to hold the plug and not the cord when unplugging something, in order to avoid potential damages.
  • Install safety switches or residual current devices, which cut the power immediately in an emergency.

Ask us about electrical safety at your home

It’s never too soon for your kids to learn about electrical safety at home. Start teaching your children at an early age! If you need any electrical services, call your local team at Jaric Electrical at 1300 452 742 and get friendly advice from our professionals.


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