How to choose the right home air conditioner for your needs

Follow these 5 simple guidelines to find out which is the best air con

Whether you’re installing a new air conditioner for your home or just replacing the old one, perhaps the inevitable question that comes to mind is: “Which is the best air conditioner?”

In theory, the answer is ridiculously simple: the proper system is the one that suits your needs and preferences. In practice, however, finding an ideal air con can be a long process, far more complex than a quick search on Google or asking a department store sales associate about some cheap and good options that meet your budget.

Queensland’s climate and environment can sometimes be quite challenging, which is why a proper air conditioning system can help make the heat or cold much more bearable.

In this article the Jaric team will give you important advice about how to choose the right air con for you.

 1. Be informed! Learn about your air conditioning options

We all know this may not be the most important decision of your life, however making a wise investment will give you not only piece of mind but also the comfort you desire.

Don’t just jump in and purchase the first AC that meets your budget, take your time to create a “wish list” instead.

What are your expectations?

Do you want it to be cheap or good value for money, energy efficient and environmentally friendly?

Write them down!

2. Decide between a ducted or split system air con

Next, you should learn about the main types of air conditioning and decide which one best fits your needs and preferences.

Split system air cons consists of two sections, one inside the home and one out, with the sections being connected by refrigerant piping.

Split system air conditioners are available as reverse cycle or cooling only and range in power from 2 kW to 8 kW. Generally, 2kW to 5kW air conditioners are suitable for small to medium sized areas, while 5kW to 8kW – for larger areas. They are available as reverse cycle or cooling only, as well as fixed speed or inverter.

We recommend you choose a split system when you just want to cool or heat a smaller area in your home or office.

Ducted Systems are more complex than the split systems.

There are two main components, with the compressor unit located outside the house and the indoor unit located within the ceiling space. The cooled or heated air is distributed through vents located throughout the house.

To improve efficiency, ducted systems can be zoned so that different areas of the house are heated or cooled at different times.

We advise you to opt out for a ducted system when you want whole-house or large-commercial-space cooling or heating, as well as moderate multi-zone temperature control.

Get the tight style of air con for your family

3. Determine the size of the unit

This step comes hand in hand with the previous one: you need to know the size of the area you wish to cool or heat in order to choose the right-sized air con. The principle is the same you apply when buying clothes: if it’s too small, it won’t fit and if it’s too large… it will still not fit.

To avoid the possible inconveniences, we advise you to carefully measure the floor space (whether if it’s at home or at the office) or get this information from the official property documents.

The size really matters! So choosing an incorrect size would cost you time and money and the heating or cooling efforts of your air con will painfully reflect in your energy bills.

4. Other features to consider

If you want to deep dive in the decision-making process, then we recommend you note down the following features that can play a decisive role:

  • The brand and the model – will generally fall into two categories: budget or high-quality
  • The star rating – will show you how energy efficient your air conditioner is
  • The warranty – is your “friend in need” if your machine needs some technical assistance
  • Installation cost – is something to ask about when purchasing your air con; sometimes can be included in the price but get informed about the costs if it doesn’t
  • Maintenance requirements – will keep your AC system “healthy”, if respected accordingly

5. Find the best air con for you and enjoy your “happily ever after”

After going through all the guidelines listed above, then you are now ready to go out or online shopping, depending on your time and lifestyle, for the air conditioner.

If you still have trouble deciding, call our qualified team at Jaric and get some expert yet friendly advice to help you find your perfect match. You can finally get your “happily ever after” with your air con unit… or at least how long it’s designed to last for.