What’s the best air conditioner for spring in South East Queensland?

Air con experts reveal the best choice to cool your home in spring

Living in Brisbane or anywhere throughout South East Queensland, we know you’ll agree that spring is perhaps the best time of the year. Winter has gone, and it’s not yet too hot to comfortably sleep at night (although it soon will be).

Yet it’s true that spring is also allergy season! So is there an air con you can buy that will solve both problems simultaneously? Let’s take a look at the best air conditioner for spring in South East Queensland.

Is there an air con that can help with allergies?

You’ve heard of split system air conditioners – but did you know that some come with built-in allergen filters? This clever technology works to remove allergens from the air in your family home, making spring much more pleasant for those with allergies such as hay fever.

Built-in allergen filters mean that split systems are the best air cons for spring in Queensland.

They’re also energy-efficient and versatile, and ideal for cooling either individual rooms or small spaces. And while split system air cons do require professional installation, they are much cheaper to install than ducted air con systems.

You can also choose to have multi split system air conditioners installed, that feature one outdoor running multiple systems indoors. Multi splits also feature allergen filters; but on the downside, much like a ducted system, if they do break down you’ll lose cooling throughout your home.

And if you don’t currently have ceiling fans installed, split systems can be used in “fan only” mode to offer you ventilation and circulation.

What other air cons are available?

If you choose not to opt for a split system air con, you still have other options available:

Ducted air conditioning

Perfect for larger spaces, ducted air cons provide uniform cooling throughout your home. Of course, professional installation is a must for optimal performance.

One disadvantage is that ducted air cons don’t come with allergen filters as standard, although you can choose to have different air quality control devices installed with the system. And they also offer fan only mode for ventilation and air circulation if you don’t have a ceiling fan.

Window wall air conditioners

Ideal if you have temporary cooling needs, you can install a  Box unit air con (also known as a “window rattler”) yourself! They’re easy to install and move, but they may not be the best choice for cooling larger spaces.

Window/wall air cons are a cost-effective solution for cooling a single room – ideal if you’re renting a home and you don’t want to invest in more expensive systems. They install simply either in a window or a hole in an exterior wall. Some units even allow you to keep a security screen installed in the window.

On the downside,  these air conditioners may obstruct the view from your window, and they do require regular maintenance. But you can take them with you if you move house.

And of course, in this life you get what you pay for! Don’t expect a cheap “window rattler” air con to do the same job as a split system or ducted air con system.

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