Air conditioners or air purifiers – which one is better?

Comparing your options for clean  air

Whether in your home or your business, a reliable supply of fresh air is an essential part of keeping your family and customers healthy and safe.

So which solution is better for ensuring that fresh air and a healthier environment: installing an air conditioner or an air purifier? We asked Jaric’s air con experts for a comparison between air conditioners and air purifiers.

Do air conditioners or purifiers improve air quality?

Generally, air purifiers are created to specifically clear your home’s air with filter technology that allows ionized-based neutralizers to remove unwanted contaminants from the air. Since the main benefit of an air purifier is that it improves air quality, this makes them especially useful in homes where owners suffer from allergies, asthma and other respiratory conditions.

By comparison, air conditioners are more versatile and complex. Of course, they’re designed to not only purify the air but also to control temperature, humidity, and ventilation. So while an air purifier has a very specific function, an air conditioner has more to offer.

Though an air purifier might help you with problems like mould spores, dust, smoke, bacteria, allergens or viruses, you’ll be breathing healthier air that is still hot and humid.

How an air con cleanses your home’s air

Panasonic’s nanoe-G air conditioner (named after its nano-technology) is a filtering and air-purifying system that ensure fast air cleaning. It can eliminate almost 100% of bacteria, viruses and even bad smell with the help of 3 trillion fine particles released by the system.

On top of this air purifying function, there’s the entire versatility of having an air conditioner to provide you with a comfortable and safe home environment at all times. This Panasonic air con is only one example of many air conditioners offering the air cleansing function. So, it all comes down to finding the best option for your needs in the end. Speak to an air con expert to find out more!

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