5 signs you need to replace your old air conditioner

The truth is, sooner or later, every air conditioner will get old, break and die. That’s why knowing the signs that your system needs to be replaced will save you money, time and comfort. So when should you replace your old air conditioner with a newer and more efficient one?

There are times when we have to learn how to let go. It may also be the case for an old air conditioner!

Knowing that it has successfully done its part to keep you cool or warm and no solution has been found to get it back on track, then replacing it with a newer unit may be for everyone’s good. But what are the warning signs?

1) Your air conditioner is more than 10 years old

The average lifespan of an air conditioner is around 10 years. If your unit is older than this and it’s no longer keeping you cool or warm, consider replacing it with a newer and more efficient system.

 2) The air con needs frequent repairs

Another aspect to keep in mind is the condition of your current air conditioning system. What is the quality of your unit? How often does it need repair or maintenance work?

Ideally, a healthy air conditioner should be serviced twice per year in order to keep it clean and in tip-top shape. However, if you’re constantly replacing parts or having the same repair issues, then replacing your air conditioner could simply be the most economical and efficient solution to your problem.

3) Your air conditioner costs much more to run now than it did before

It may have been a good choice at that time and even a better one over the years but the older an air con gets, the more it tends to skyrocket the energy bill. A new air conditioning system will be more efficient than an older model, since there has been up to a 30% increase in the Energy Efficiency Ratio of air conditioners since 2009.

While there is still a new investment to make, installation and unit costs have remained relatively constant in the same period of time. Plus, a high energy efficient air conditioner will lower your environmental impact as well as your power bills.

4) Its temperature setting is inconsistent

One of the most common problems of an older air conditioner is that it just doesn’t cool when set in the cooling mode or heat when set accordingly. While it’s still producing normal air levels, you may notice the air is not released properly. Sometimes you may feel some warm air coming out on a cool setting, but if your unit stops producing cool air entirely even after readjusting the refrigerant levels, then it can indicate a serious problem such as a damaged compressor.

When certain rooms become ice cold, while others seem to feel like an oven, it could mean your air conditioning unit is on the way out. For your comfort, we highly recommend replacing it as soon as possible.

5) Your air conditioner no longer matches your lifestyle

The first question to ask before deciding whether to buy or not a new air conditioning unit is: “Does the current air con still meet my needs?” For example, if you have ‘inherited’ a split system air conditioner in your home but you have built more rooms over time, then switching to a ducted system could be a better choice.



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