How can you make use of modern, smart devices to keep your heating costs down this year?

Since energy efficiency is on everyone’s mind nowadays, we want to keep you up to date with the latest technologies. This winter, outsmart winter with these smart devices!


As the big chill of Australian cold season slowly approaches, you want to gear up for those future crispy evenings. Therefore, when planning this winter home heating strategy, you probably start by checking your reverse cycle AC, electric heaters, etc.

Apart from them, don’t forget to include your smart air conditioners, too! Here are a few smart devices that can actually make a big difference in your energy bills.

1. Energy monitors

If you care about your energy usage at all, getting an energy monitor should be on top of your priorities list. Not only that it provides real-time electricity usage data but it mostly helps users acknowledge how they’re using power.

Moreover, they can even analyse usage patterns in order to detect which appliances, in particular, increase your electricity bill. This way you will know exactly where all the energy is going. Most monitors can also calculate the energy usage in real-time and warn you if you’ve exceeded a pre-set usage level. While these smart devices are not actually saving you money, they definitely deliver key data to take the necessary actions.

2. Smart ventilation technology

Most central heating systems do not usually allow you to control which rooms you want to heat. If you spend more time in the living room or bedroom, think about the unnecessary efforts to heat areas less used of your home. That means, over time, a significant amount of wasted energy.

For this reason, smart vents make you in charge of the heating distribution throughout your home. You will efficiently adjust temperature room by room and not throw money and energy down the drain anymore.

 3. Smart thermostats

Similarly, smart thermostats fight against energy waste. Just like most smart devices used to automate a home, a basic smart thermostat works via WiFi.

Unlike a regular room thermostat which requires a remote to control the room’s temperature, this smart device lets you access and manage your entire home temperature whenever wherever you are. Technically, it works through your heating system’s boiler, the thermostat’s main control and a smart app downloaded into your phone.

Some models can, for instance, learn your schedule based on your behaviour. They can detect while you’re on your way home, and then prepare it to the temperature you prefer. This way, you will enjoy a more efficient, accessible, and user-friendly way to keep your home’s temperature comfortable. 

4. Smart apps

smart appsFinally, let’s not forget about the popular smart apps that many people have downloaded so far. Since you are so closely connected to your smartphone or tablet nowadays, you can control your home temperature at the touch of a button. Smart, huh?

Basically, all you need is a smart air conditioner, a compatible mobile device and internet connection. Imagine how time-saving, energy efficient and comfortable would be to pre-heat your house, then find the perfect ambience for you.


In conclusion, no matter which smart devices you think they’re better for you, don’t forget to consider important factors like the size of your home, your lifestyle and personal preferences.


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Until next time, help your heating system work smarter!

Your friend and AC expert,

John Ricca


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