The top 5 reasons to choose Jaric Electrical in Brisbane

With decades of experience, our team at Jaric Electrical is always ready to fulfil any electrical requirement. Whether it’s residential, commercial or industrial electrical services, we aim for excellence in everything we do. In this week’s blog, find out how Jaric Electrical has become Brisbane’s reliable and highly skilled team of electricians.

When calling an electrician, people usually worry about: not getting value for money services, the right attitude, advice or solutions.

We truly understand your concerns. That’s why we insist that our team display a strong work ethic and a customer-focused attitude. When choosing us, you’ll have the peace-of-mind of knowing you’re dealing with qualified electricians. We offer a solution-oriented approach and a long-term thinking so that you are in safe hands at all times.

Among many reasons why Jaric Electrical is a safe choice for your home or business, we would like to mention:

1) Jaric are your local and friendly team of electrical specialists

When you need an electrician for your home or business, a local expert will always provide you with the right advice. Not only that we take the time to listen and understand your needs, but we also carefully implement the best solution possible in your particular situation.

2) Our team use the power of 25 years of experience in the field

At Jaric Electrical, we strongly believe that experience is one of the best sources of knowledge. Over time, our highly skilled electricians have treated any challenging situation as a learning experience in order to become the best version of themselves today. Our ever-growing electrical expertise and hunger for knowledge motivate us to deliver outstanding results each and every time!

3) Jaric provide personalised solutions for successful results

Every customer is different and so are their electrical needs. After carefully analysing the particular situation of your home or business, we make sure to find the most appropriate solution for it. Using consistency and a positive, focused attitude, any electrical job becomes a well-deserved success.

4) Our electricians offer transparent and competitive rates

Regarding value for money, we like to be as transparent as we possibly can. This means that when you choose Jaric Electrical, you will always get fair prices with no hidden fees. Above all, you will hear an honest opinion about the services you should get for quick service and long-term results. In the end, you will certainly get that “great-value-for-money” feeling for the services provided.

5) Jaric deliver outstanding electrical experiences, every time

When it comes to customer experience, we like to put ourselves in the customer shoes. This means we provide the electrical services that we, ourselves, would like to get: high-quality, efficient and cost-effective. With great communication skills and customer-oriented approach, we shift from a “customer service” to a “customer experience” mindset.

Eventually, you will know why the difference between an ordinary and an extraordinary electrician is that little EXTRA!

Don’t take our word for it! Read what our customers are saying about Jaric Electrical

“As a Property Manager, I have found that Jaric Group offers amazing service, quality workmanship and competitive prices. John has no hesitation in offering cost-effective alternatives for our landlords to suit each properties specific needs. I would have no hesitation in recommending Jaric Group as the service is outstanding.”

-Chelle Cooke-

“John is very professional and approachable. His work is excellent and efficient. He is a honest tradie and he has good advice for our place. We highly recommend him to you if you need any electrical service.”

-Brian Alfee-

“Can’t throw any more love at Jaric Group if I tried! John went above and beyond our requirements for our renovation, and communicated with us clearly throughout the last four week period so we knew what we were in for with the upgrade. Thanks so much John!”

-Bonnie Mohan-

“John saved me money, he was on time and a really nice guy what more could you ask for. I would recommend Jaric every day of the week.”

-Sherry Downie-

Contact Jaric Electrical and see the difference for yourself 

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