Light switch & power point installation

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Does your home or office have light switches and power points that look old, tired or damaged? Perhaps you’ve renovated or are planning to renovate your home and now your power outlets or light switches don’t match the quality of the rest of your house. Jaric Electrical can help.

We supply and install only high quality, well-known brands of light switches and power points that offer good warranties. Or, if you’ve already chosen and bought units elsewhere, we’ll be happy to install those for you. 

Our expert electricians can supply and install two-way switches that can be operated for example at the top and bottom of stairs; or perhaps at either end of a hallway. We can also help with light switch dimmers which can help you save power and add a cozy ambience to a room.

Installation of smart light switches

Jaric Electrical can install smart light switches that integrate with your phone, smart hub, or voice command system.

If you decide to buy a smart light switch yourself, note that while there are many products available, not all of them will integrate well with your Google Home or Apple HomePod. You’re welcome to talk to us before you go shopping!

Importantly, all our smart light switches are compliant to Australian Standards, so you can rest assured that they will integrate with your Apple or Google system. 

Can old light switches pose a fire or electrical risk?

Yes they can! It’s another reason to have your light switches checked by Jaric Electrical.

Brisbane and Gold Coast power point installation

The Jaric Electrical team can supply and install single, double, and even quad power points. 

We’ll be happy to advise you on the best location for a power point, taking into account the way you use your appliances daily, and safety issues such as making sure an electrical cable won’t get in the way. 

Our team can also supply power points that perfectly match your chosen light switches, so that you can enjoy a completely seamless look at your home or office. 

Contact Jaric Electrical for power point and light switch installation

If your home or office could do with new light switches or power points, contact Jaric Electrical. We know you’re busy, so when you book your service with us we’ll commit to a 2 hour timeframe that lets you get on with your day. 

For an obligation-free quote call Jaric Electrical on 1300 452 742 or get in touch with us online. 

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