Safety switches installation and upgrade

Electrical safety comes first

Keeping your home and family safe is so important. And there are a few important electrical devices you must have, including safety switches, also known as RCDs or Residual Current Devices.

Whilst fuses and circuit breakers protect appliances in your home, only safety switches can actually protect people. Technically, they interrupt excessive current by switching the power off immediately when dangerous levels of electricity leak through faulty switches, wiring or appliances to the earth. Under those circumstances, they provide a high level of personal protection against electrical injuries.

Why should you install safety switches at home?

Safety always begins with awareness. And what better way to understand safety switches than learning about their purpose?

RCDs or safety switches are required by law in every Queensland home. They can safeguard your family, home and electrical appliances by:

  • Helping to prevent electric shock or electrocution
  • Protecting you against electrical fires
  • Detecting faulty and dangerous appliances
  • Preventing short circuits
  • Most importantly, RCDs can save lives!

Jaric Electrical will keep your home safe at all times

Need reliable, high-quality safety switches? With Jaric Electrical, it can be as simple as flicking a switch. From repairing or upgrading your old fuse box to installing safety switches in your new home, we will assist you every step of the way.

In addition, we’ll teach you how to easily test your safety switch. This way we will ensure that it’s actively protecting you and your family.

We provide non-contact service & installations

We're serious about your safety! All our Jaric installers and technicians are "COVID Infection Control" certified from the Department of Health.

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