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Commercial security lighting improves safety

Local business benefiting from expert installation advice

Greg Dixon, owner of Redland City Gates, had a problem. His business, located in the Smith Street Complex, was in an older building with no communal area or security lighting.

Unsurprisingly, without any security lighting units in the complex were being broken into at night. What was more, the complex’s gym used the carpark area for workouts. This was becoming dangerous as drivers simply couldn’t see the people exercising. 

Greg knew there was a need for good quality commercial security lighting. He began looking into the installation of security lighting on behalf of the body corporate.

Assessing commercial security lighting requirements

Greg had used John Ricca and the Jaric Electrical team for his business previously. He approached Jaric looking for a suitable lighting solution. 

Jaric Principal John Ricca was happy to visit the Smith Street site to hear and see what Greg envisaged. He selected security lights that best suited the complex, and drew up a plan to place them in the best locations. 

Jaric Electrical suggested installing energy efficient, low voltage LED lighting for maximum efficiency. 

Security lights transforms the business

Greg Dixon said the new commercial security lighting is working perfectly. “Even though we run the lights from dusk to dawn 7 nights a week, we haven’t noticed a big jump in energy usage,” he said.

“I use Jaric whenever I can,” Greg said. “Just like my business, they offer value for money and their team are prompt, polite, and they tidy up after themselves.”

“We’ve used them for our lighting and wiring in our industrial unit before – and I’m sure we’ll use Jaric again,” he said. 

Talk to Jaric Electrical about commercial security lighting 

If your business needs better lighting for safety and security, speak to the expert team at Jaric on 1300 452 742 or contact us online.