We take good electrical care of your business

As the famous saying goes, “…it is better to prepare and prevent than it is to repair and repent!

At Jaric Electrical, we have created a strong electrical education around this belief which we have been promoting to business owners for many years now.

Understanding the importance of regular electrical safety inspections helps prevent many incidents from happening. Not only that you have the peace of mind of working in a safe and healthy environment but you also adopt a cost-effective approach with long-term results.

So how can we keep your business safe?

Preventative electrical maintenance for businesses

A preventative maintenance or programmed maintenance program consists of scheduled maintenance and testing in order to prevent breakdowns. Jaric’s team of electrical experts is always committed to detecting minor issues before they escalate to serious ones.

Preventative maintenance also decreases the frequency of needing to repair or replace equipment, saving you money and resources in the long run.

Jaric Electrical will provide end-to-end preventative electrical maintenance, including services like:

  • Appliance testing and tagging
  • Power points and switchboard inspection
  • Power outlets and extension cords inspection
  • RCD or electrical safety switch testing
  • Exit and emergency light testing
  • Power factor correction to improve energy efficiency and reduce electricity costs
  • UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) and battery maintenance
  • Communication and data cabling testing and audit

Other electrical safety inspections

It is required by law that all commercial properties receive regular electrical maintenance. Jaric’s qualified and licensed electricians will undertake a full inspection of all your business’s appliances to ensure they are fully compliant with current safety standards.

In the troubleshooting process, we also include:

  • Fault finding, such as faulty downlights, security lights, power points or safety switches
  • Any other checks for equipment breakdowns

Exit and emergency lighting installation and maintenance

Before deciding on the emergency lighting for your business premises, there are several factors to consider, such as: class of building, floor size, public access, natural light and layout of walls/rooms.

Checking with an electrical expert will make the emergency lighting installation process quick and worry-free.

The Jaric team also offer an extensive range of other services associated with exit and emergency lighting: scheduled testing, repair and maintenance services that are compliant with the Australian Standards.

Make sure you always find a safe way out

Together with fire detectors, Exit and emergency signs should be on top of your business safety list. They help ensure everyone can make it out of the building safely if there is an emergency situation and therefore, save lives. Contact Jaric Electrical today at 1300 452 742 and one of our friendly professionals will explain how the safety regulations apply to your business in particular.

We provide non-contact service & installations

We're serious about your safety! All our Jaric installers and technicians are "COVID Infection Control" certified from the Department of Health.

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