The ultimate electrical safety checklist that every homeowner should have – Part 2

Have you made your electrical safety checklist already? If not, keep in mind you and your family may be exposed to high electrical risks. A regular inspection, on the other hand, can give you the peace of mind and confidence that your property is electrically safe. Find out what else to include in your electrical safety checklist in this week’s blog post.

As previously mentioned, we believe prevention is always better than repair. For this reason, electrical safety should be your no. 1 priority, no matter what. Don’t ignore the warning signs but take care of problems in your home as soon as they come up. This way, you will avoid faulty wiring, electric shocks and other electrical risks around the home.

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power points

Power points

In general, power points are considered to be an important element in your home electrical system. Also known as GPOs or socket outlets, they are the ones to make a connection between electricity and people. But every once in a while, power points can have some particular issues. If you take the time to check them regularly, it will lead to far less danger involved with shocks.

Safety switches

We all know that safety switches are meant to save livesUnlike fuses or circuit breakers, they protect the people living in the house and not just the electrical equipment. Usually, if a safety switch trips, this means it’s actually doing its job. However, if this happens too often, then you should really get your electrician to inspect it in a timely manner. So, remember to play it safe with safety switches!


Cooling and heating systemsCooling and heating systems

Another important thing to consider when it comes to your electrical devices is checking your cooling and/or heating equipment. Whether you own a split system or a ducted system, you should always ensure it is maintained properly. This way, it will work at its peak performance at all times while keeping the energy efficiency level up.

Electrical appliances

Finally, there are many electrical appliances in your home that, if old and outdated, are probably no longer running efficiently. This can eventually come at a major cost to the environment as well as to your pocket. Although hanging on to old appliances that still work makes perfect sense, some things such as washing machines, dishwashers and microwaves should at least be checked periodically for quality control purposes. However, if you think your old appliances is draining a lot of power to run, then it may be time for a change.


In conclusion, a regular check for the potential electric hazards in your home should be part of your electrical safety checklist. With this mindset, you may actually be able to prevent many accidents from happening. Ultimately, this will reduce your stress levels and also lower your electric bill due to better energy usage. For your safety, investing in an electrician is one of the best decisions that you will make as a homeowner.

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Until next time, always have a backup plan!

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