Top 7 reasons to choose a split system AC for your home

When looking for a new air conditioner, you probably ask yourself: ‘Is ducted or split system AC the best choice for me?’ If you own a small home and want a practical and cost-effective unit for it, then you may have just found the ‘perfect match’. But don’t make split-second decisions yet; instead, read about the benefits of using a split system in this week’s blog post.

Summertime and living are easy. However, it’s also hot and sweaty, making you wish you had that ideal air conditioner you can always rely on. Nowadays, split air conditioners have become very popular on the Australian market, being considered a practical cooling and/or heating option.

So, if you’re looking for an efficient cooling solution this summer, a split system AC can successfully transform your home into a glorious oasis. Find out how below.


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Reason 1: Quick and affordable installation process

Compared to central systems, split ACs requires a lot less work to install, mainly because there is no ductwork needed. The indoor and outdoor units are connected together by some small pipes and electrical cables. Therefore, you don’t have to do significant changes to your home. Also, less labour time translates into a quicker and more affordable installation.

high energy efficiencyReason 2: High flexibility

A split system AC is also very versatile, as it can basically be installed in any location within the house. For instance, you can suspend them from the ceiling or hang them on the walls to blend with your home décor. It may even be that beautiful yet indispensable accessory you were looking for.

Reason 3: Easy operation

Unlike traditional cooling systems, split air cons are easy to operate via a remote control. They quickly cool or heat your room and keep you comfortable day and night.


high energy efficiencyReason 4: High energy efficiency

Sometimes, central air conditioners can lose a lot of energy through ductwork. And because of poor insulation, this may cause energy efficiency problems. Since a split system AC offers a completely ductless design, you save both energy and money on your utility bills.

Reason 5: Low maintenance

Furthermore, the indoor components of a split system contain filters you can easily remove and clean. This way, you can perform the basic maintenance routine, while letting your local technician take care of the regular check-ups and other technical procedures.

reverse cycle air conditionersReason 6: Cooling and heating capabilities

Another great advantage of a split system AC is the ‘reverse cycle option. This means they keep you cool your home in summer and warm in winter. Nowadays, many models come with this feature so that you can use the unit all year round.

Reason 7: Air purification

Last but definitely not least, breathing clean air is what most of the split system manufacturers can assure you of. In other words, the device will not only cool or heat but also purify the air inside your room. Therefore, it will fight against dust particles and other allergens and keep your home a healthier place to be at.

If you have come this far and read through all the benefits of using a split system AC, then bravo; this means you’ve found yourself the perfect match.


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Until next time, remember that knowledge is power!

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Until next time, stay frosty and enjoy summer!

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