Why hire an electrician for your smoke alarm installation?

Your family’s safety is our number one priority, and so is your smoke alarm installation. But why hire a qualified electrician for the job anyway? In this week’s blog, we’ll give you 4 strong reasons why an expert can keep you safe from house fires. In the meantime, remember that only working smoke alarms save lives!

Nowadays, we’re looking for any possible thing that can ensure our home protection. For security reasons, we buy extensive insurance policies, we build high fences and we even install security cameras around our property.

But what about your family safety? According to recent studies, the humble smoke alarm can reduce the risk of fatal accidents because of house fires by more than half. So this is definitely something to consider next time you think of affordable home safety and security solutions.


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need a smoke alarm installation?

Why does hiring a qualified electrician for your smoke alarm installation should actually be on your priorities list?

1. It’s required by the Australian law

Are you up to date with Queensland’s new smoke alarm legislation? In a nutshell, all new and newly renovated homes must include smoke alarms in every level of the house, in hallways where bedrooms are connected and all bedrooms. But since the process involves potentially dangerous electrical work, it takes an expert to safely perform all procedures.

Therefore, you are legally required, as a homeowner, to have a licensed electrician install each smoke alarm. For your safety, QFES (Queensland Fire and Emergency Services) recommends that all smoke alarms comply with the law. This way, you give your family the best chance of surviving a potential house fire.

2. A qualified electrician is able to recommend you compliant devices

Although you may find a large number of smoke alarm types on the market today, remember not all are suitable for your home. When talking to your local electrician, you should go together through products that meet Australian Standard AS 3786-2014 and have Scientific Services Laboratory (SSL) certification.

For a smoother search, you can also use Activ Fire website to check or register a certain type of smoke alarm. However, if you have difficulties in finding a particular product, you can always rely on the knowledge of your electrician. This way, you’ll have the peace of mind of having correct answers to your questions before the smoke alarm installation.

3. You know for sure that the installation process will be performed in the safest conditions for you and your family

While smoke alarm installation may seem fast and easy at first glance, it actually takes an expert eye to determine its location. In fact, every dwelling is different, so you will need to have yours properly assessed. Also, for best results, a smoke detector needs to sit in certain positions in your home. Ideally, you should have hardwired, photoelectric and interconnected smoke alarms for every bedroom, hallway, living area and level.

Experienced electricians can place your detectors so that they have a smaller likelihood of false alarms. They will keep your devices away from air conditioners, fans and heaters that could affect the alarm’s performance. Also, experts know to avoid placing alarms too close to the kitchen and bathrooms, as steam and cooking fumes can interfere with them.

 4. Think of all the other maintenance services you need afterwards

Finally, after having your smoke detector safely and successfully installed, make sure to keep it functional at all times. Remember that only working smoke alarms can save lives in case of a house fire!

Whether it’s testing, maintenance, repair or upgrade services, our team at Jaric Electrical is 100% dedicated to customer safety. Therefore, we carefully perform all electrical services you need, so that you and your family are always protected.


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Until next time, keep your home and family safe with a working smoke alarm!

Your friend and electrical expert,

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