Does your business need Preventative Electrical Maintenance?

Do you know what that means and how it can safeguard your commercial assets? When is it the best time to schedule a preventative maintenance with your electrician? Find all the answers in this week’s blog!


How often does the idea of “repair” come to mind when thinking of your commercial property? If it happens frequently, you probably try to find and apply last-minute solutions to “save” that particular business asset. In a world of procrastination, prevention is definitely the key to keeping your business running safely for a longer time.


What is Preventative Electrical Maintenance?

Your electrical safety at work is our no. 1 priorityWe believe that “it is better to prevent and prepare rather than repent and repair”. Therefore, the smartest way to save time and money on electrical faults is to catch them before they occur.

Preventative electrical maintenance ensures your electrical systems and equipment are in top working order at all times. In fact, this regular service may actually be one of the best safety measures your business can take. Not only that it minimises the breakdowns but it also increases your equipment lifespan and staff safety.

To summarize, preventative electrical measures help your business eliminate vulnerability to safety hazards while protecting people from unnecessary harm.


What services do we include in the electrical maintenance?

What is it that most business owners need nowadays? Reliability! Reliable equipment, reliable staff and reliable electricians to keep your business 100% safe at all times.

By all means, your safety at work is our number one priority and so is preventing any type of incident. That is why our qualified team of electricians developed a complete Preventative Electrical Maintenance program for any type of business. Depending on your priorities, we can include the following services:

  • Appliance testing and tagging
  • Power points and switchboard inspection
  • Power outlets and extension cords inspection
  • RCD or electrical safety switch testing
  • Exit and emergency light testing
  • Power factor correction to improve energy efficiency and reduce electricity costs
  • UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) and battery maintenance
  • Communication and data cabling testing and audit


Is Preventative Electrical Maintenance good for your business? How often should you schedule one?

schedule preventative electrical maintenanceElectrical maintenance is not just a need but a legal obligation. For this reason, our qualified electricians will inspect and ensure that all commercial appliances are fully compliant with the current safety standards. This is the most important part of the electrical education we have been giving to business owners in our 25 years of experience.

For your comfort and safety, you can choose a Programmed Electrical Maintenance that consists of monthly or biannually inspections. This way, you don’t have to worry about forgetting to make your appointment for a regular electrical check.

Remember, with Jaric Electrical, you and your business will always be in safe hands!


Call us today at 1300 452 742 and arrange a Preventative Electrical Maintenance that best suits your business and schedule!


Until next time, keep your business electrically safe!

Your friend and electrical expert,

John Ricca

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