Outdoor lighting is considered to be part of the outdoor living experience, no questions asked. But nowadays, having so many designs to choose from, you may get confused when it comes to your own project. In this week’s blog, we’ll teach you the essentials of outdoor lighting so you can fully enjoy your garden during the warm spring evenings.

In Australia, it’s in our DNA to bring the indoors outside as soon as the temperature begins to rise. As soon as the sun sets, lighting literally becomes a key factor in outdoor living. However, it can make or break a space, so a proper fitting is crucial for creating a sense of comfort, safety and well-being.

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Here are some key considerations for a successful outdoor lighting implementation:

1. Learn how to use outdoor lighting to your advantage!

First things first! Why do you want to light up your outdoor area? It is important to define the purpose of the fittings before starting any project. Fortunately, there are many ways an outdoor lighting system can highlight the landscape, while distracting the eye from the areas that are still under construction. See the strengths in your garden and use outdoor lighting to bring them to life!

lighting key areas2. Consider the possible lighting key areas

Next, you should identify the places that you want to draw attention to. Generally, the landscaping and the property infrastructure influence lighting a lot. For example, you can choose to have a single focal point or light up the entire outdoor space instead. Is there a pool or an old tree with beautiful branches you’d like to show off? Or maybe you want functional lighting on your terrace, where you can read in the evening? Just know your priorities first!

3. Planning is essential! Choose your very own favorite outdoor lighting style and design

When it comes to planning, we strongly recommend you to involve your lighting specialist as early as possible. Why should you do this in the planning stage? Well, an expert eye is able to identify the opportunities, as well as the challenges your space might have. Also, your local electrician shows you the outdoor lighting solutions suitable for you and helps you with the product choice. Whether you are interested in LED technology or other types of energy efficient lights, there is a whole range waiting for you to discover. This way, you get to select the correct lights instead of trying to solve problems afterwardregular maintenance.

4. Regular maintenance will ensure an efficient, long-lasting, performing outdoor lighting

A well-functioning outdoor lighting system is an essential part of keeping the perfect outdoor oasis, all year round. Therefore, a correct maintenance should be performed at least once a year to ensure the performance, as well as the longevity of the fitting. Ask your lighting expert about how often you should have it inspected based on your own circumstances.

5. Make sure the outdoor lighting system is installed by a qualified electrician

After going through the planning phases of your project, it’s time to turn your ideas into reality. At Jaric Electrical, we are committed to performing any type of lighting installation in the safest and most convenient way for you. We’ll also make the entire process as smoothly as possible so that you can finally enjoy your dream outdoor area.


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Until next time, make the most out of your outdoor living with a proper outdoor lighting!

Your friend and electrical expert,

John Ricca

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