Back to basics – is air conditioning a need or a luxury?

Living these modern times with AC becoming so affordable, many Australians ask themselves: ‘Is air conditioning a need or a luxury’? In reality, opinions may vary depending on every person’s needs, preferences and lifestyle. So next time you enjoy the pleasantly cool or warm AC effect, here are some valid arguments to consider.

To air-condition or not to air-condition? That is the question. The answer is: it depends.

There are times when choosing a right AC brings some debates in the family: ‘Do we or do we not need air conditioning’? While it is still an option at home, air conditioning has progressively become a condition in Australian offices. The truth is, in fact, many people consider heating and cooling a necessity, together with food and shelter. And when thinking of the many sticky, sweltering summer days, who wouldn’t be in need of some air conditioning breeze indoors?

Is air conditioning a need or a luxury? We strongly believe air conditioning moved from being a luxury to being a necessity. In other words, everyone deserves to create themselves a decent, healthy and comfortable environment to live in. The following arguments prove that AC not only fulfils your needs but it improves the quality of life:

Thermal comfort

While you can’t really control outside temperatures, what you can do is set a comfortable indoor temperature at home or the office. A few degrees more or less can actually have a strong impact over your body, mind and soul. For example, businesses generally follow some strict guidelines for office work in order to support staff productivity and well-being.

Remember that thermal comfort lies at the base of everything you do!


Indoor air quality

Nowadays, indoor air pollution has become one of the biggest threats to our health. It is equally important to improve the air quality at home, as well as breathing healthy air at the office.

To emphasize, air conditioning units don’t just cool or warm the air. They contain a filter which can trap pollutants like smoke, dust, mould and bacteria. This is of great benefit especially for allergy or asthma sufferers.



Another key point to consider is the humidity factor. In the summertime, we all hear and read the forecast’s saying ‘feels like…’ This is actually due to the humidity level that has a great impact on the temperature we perceive. One way to overcome humidity discomfort indoors is by using the dry mode on your air conditioner.

In this matter, some ducted and split system units come with multiple functions. They not only provide efficient cooling and heating for your home but can also humidify, dehumidify, ventilate and purify the air! Basically, you can activate the dehumidification mode with a single touch of a button on your remote control or smart devices.

After all, it’s not about the heat but the humidity!


In conclusion, investing in air conditioning creates a fresher, healthier and more comfortable environment both at home and at work. Stay tuned to find out more reasons why nowadays air conditioning is a need and not a luxury.


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Until next time, all you need is…air conditioning!

Your friend and AC expert,

John Ricca


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