Healthy air is essential for a healthy home, therefore the indoor air quality plays an essential role in our life.

After talking about common indoor air pollution problems in our previous blog, now we will show you how your AC can solve them. Take a breath of fresh air at home this winter following these simple steps!

Today, air quality has become a big concern for many Aussie homeowners, especially those suffering from asthma or allergies. Considering how much time we spend in closed environments, breathing healthy air is a top priority.


What are the first steps towards improving your air quality at home?

  • Get Your Home Air Tested

Many homeowners in Australia choose to perform an air quality test first, in order to identify any potential indoor air threats. Once you know which potential pollutants nest in your home, you can evaluate the threat level and find appropriate remedies. From household chemicals, smoke, carbon monoxide to biological contaminants, the indoor air quality may be significantly altered.

That is why knowledge and awareness are your best defence against these silent but sometimes serious threats!


  • Welcome some fresh air in!

In general, this is the cheapest and most efficient solution to ensure that fresh air comes into your home. When weather allows, open your windows and patio doors and allow the clean air to circulate throughout your home.

If you live in a green area, you should take full advantage of a nice crisp air this upcoming winter.


What other fresh solutions can you come with using your home air con?

Depending on what heating, humidity or AC systems you use, you may be improving or affecting your indoor air quality. Here is some advice on how to use them correctly to reduce indoor allergens and increase your fresh air dose.

  • Trust the air you breathe by using clean air con filters

Before switching to heating, make sure your electric heater or reverse-cycle air conditioner is properly equipped for the cold season. Forced-air heating can blow dust into your home. For this reason, make sure to clean the filters regularly to keep dust particles away and maintain your home air quality in great condition.

  • Switch to the dehumidification mode when necessary

Sometimes it’s not about the temperature but the humidity. As you already know, mould and mildew thrive in an excessively humid environment. Therefore, the “dry mode” on your AC controls the humidity levels, preventing the spread of home allergens. This way, you and your family can breathe easier.

  • Use high-quality air purifiers

Choose an advanced air cleaning filter. Not only that it prevents the spread of bacteria and viruses but it also freshens up room air quality. Also, this technology will keep you free from other unwanted odours in your home.


If you have any questions about how you can improve the air quality at your place, call Jaric Air Conditioning at 1300 452 742 and get personalized advice and solutions.


Until next time, trust the air you breathe at home!

Your friend and AC expert,

John Ricca