The most important features to consider when buying a new AC


When it comes to choosing an air conditioner, there are so many features to think about. Basically, some are just basic, some are must-haves and some are brilliantly smart choices. In this week’s blog post we’ve compiled a guide with those features that are able to enhance your air conditioning experience. Happy reading!

Nowadays, shopping for an air conditioner is pretty much like getting a new phone. You may choose a classic one that only allows you to call and text your friends or you can aim for functions like a high-resolution camera, fingerprint reader and so on. It’s the same with your air conditioner. That’s why you should know what special features can save you time and energy while improving your quality of life.

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Features to consider when buying a new air conditioner


1. Timers and human presence sensors

In general, if you are looking for AC innovative technologies, then you may want to consider the human presence sensors. Technically, this detects whether someone is in the room, so the unit knows to keep working. In some cases, this type of air cons even directs the air towards the sensed person. On the other hand, when they don’t detect any movement, the unit automatically switches to an economy mode in order to avoid energy waste.

Keep in mind, though, that this sensor is literally…sensitive. This means your pet can possibly trigger it when walking around the house. In this case, you can use the timer function and enjoy the AC comfort while you’re in the room.

Whether it’s called Eco Operation (Mitsubishi Heavy Industries), ECONAVI (Panasonic), Absence Detection (Mitsubishi Electric), or Intelligent Eye (Daikin), you should know it is one and the same thing.


2. Climate control straight from your smartphone

Climate control straight from your smartphone

Nowadays, smart is the new trend: smart TVs, smart cars, smart watches, etc. And one of these popular devices is the smart air conditioner people choose to fulfil their climate control needs at home or at the office.

Newer models usually connect to your Wi-Fi network so you can control the air con via a smartphone app. This is particularly useful if you’re at work, for instance, and want to find the perfect temperature when you get home.


3. Air filters with automatic self-cleaning function

With more and more Australians suffering from asthma and air-borne allergies, it’s essential to take extra care of your filters. Using advanced air filtration systems, they can successfully remove allergens, mould, bacteria, odours and dust from the air.

Plus, with a self-cleaning function, you can say goodbye to indoor air pollution. It not only keeps the inside of the unit dry and clean but it also helps the unit running more efficiently. This way, you can rest assured everyone in the house is breathing fresh air.


4. Night set mode

night set mode

Finally, we all know how important a good night sleep is. Let’s admit: the last thing you want after a busy day is to wake up during the night because the room is too cold or too hot.

That’s what the ‘sleep mode’ was actually created for: to bring peace and comfort. This function gradually adjusts the temperature to an optimal level for sleeping so the AC runs smoother and quieter when you’re sleeping. So, no matter the season, the night set mode will make sure you all have a peaceful sleep.


Stay tuned to find out what other important features your new AC should have in our next week’s blog post.

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Until next time, stay cool and make smart choices!

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