The ultimate electrical safety checklist that every homeowner should have – Part 1

Why do you need an electrical safety checklist in the first place? It’s simple: to keep you and your family protected. Whether you set reminders or you talk to your electrician about periodic check-ups, you will have the peace of mind of living in a safe environment. So, grab a pen and paper and draft your own electrical safety checklist today.

electrical safety checklistBeing a homeowner comes with a lot of responsibilities: from home cleaning, maintenance and repair to paying bills and taxes. Not to mention you also have to take care of family and work matters. All these are a full-time job, no questions asked. And if something breaks and causes even more trouble, you literally feel like you carry the weight of the world on your shoulders.

However, it doesn’t have to be this way. The following electrical safety checklist will show you why prevention is always better than repair. Plus, you will save time, money and energy in the long term.


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Electrical system

In general, you need to make sure your overall electrical system is working properly at all times. You should pay attention to an old system as it may become dangerous and even cause you problems when you least expect it. Something as small as a lighting wire out of place, for instance, could result in injuries and even fire. Therefore, you should have a professional electrician come periodically to test your electrical system.




Another important thing to add to your electrical safety checklist is the switchboard. Since it’s considered the ‘operational heart’ of any building, it is thus mandatory to have the right switchboard for your home.  Also, a regular inspection will help you determine whether it is still in good working order or it needs to be replaced.


Smoke alarms

Furthermore, we all agree on one thing: only functional smoke alarms can save lives. That is why you should regularly test your smoke alarm to make sure it works. You probably don’t want to find out the hard way that they are no longer effective at doing their job. With a simple press of a button, you keep your home and family safe.

So, whether it’s checking or replacing batteries or removing the dust from the grille, they should all become part of your home maintenance routine.


SwitchboardsLighting system

Finally, you must not forget about including your indoor and outdoor lighting system in your electrical safety checklist. No matter the type of lights you use – halogen, CFL or LED bulbs – they all need to be inspected from time to time. As you already know, some of them may pose a risk to your health. So, you should always choose the lights that are safest to use and have the lowest energy consumption.

If you see your lights flicker or acting weird in any way, don’t wait to be left in the dark but take action instead! Call in your electrician to check your lighting system and give you the kind of advice you would want to hear from a professional.

Stay tuned to find out what other things you need to add on your electrical safety checklist.

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Until next time, remember it’s better to be safe than sorry!

Your friend and electrical expert,

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