Your electrical safety at work is very important to us, so if you experience any problems, one of our friendly and qualified electricians will assist you at the earliest! 

G’day ladies and gentlemen! This is John, your electrical expert speaking. We’d like to welcome everyone aboard at Jaric Electrical blog no. 1.

Remember the feeling a newbie has when showing up on the first day at work? Or the excitement of a fresh business manager when looking at his/her office for the first time? Well, I surely do. As a business owner, even after 25+ years of experience in electrical and air conditioning field, I still get goosebumps every time I think of it.

In fact, no matter who you are or what you do, keeping the business premises and the staff safe should be the first lesson to learn. Electricity is a powerful force that we use in our day-to-day life but sometimes it can lead to injuries or even fatal accidents if not treated seriously.

That is why here, at Jaric Electrical, safety is our number 1 priority. With several different areas to consider, we highlighted the most important guidelines for your electrical safety at work.


1. Risks and hazards

risks and hazards

Electric shocks are one of the most common electrical risks at the workplace, causing minor injuries, serious accidents or, in the worst-case scenario, to electrocution. In order to avoid all these from happening, we highly recommend you the following:

  • Keep away from exposed live parts, such as leads or other electrical equipment
  • In case of an electrical fault causing a fire (such as a short circuit), reach out for the fire extinguisher if possible, take the emergency exit immediately, then call the nearest Fire & Rescue team.


2. Electrical appliances and electrical safety

  • When buying electrical equipment, approved markings (CE, UL etc) mean the items are safe to use in low-risk environments such as office and retail space with just a visual check beforehand. On the other hand, when they are used in a high-risk environment like a building site or factory floor, they must go through testing as well as detailed checks.
  • In case of a damaged electrical equipment, you should carefully switch off and unplug it, then report the problem further. The same rule applies to any device that has been exposed to water or liquid.


3. Power boards, power points and extension leads

  • Always make sure that power boards have overload protection and integrated on/off switches. For your electrical safety, they should be kept well ventilated, clean and above floor level.
  • Power points should never be overcrowded and multi-plugs should be avoided where possible; also, check that all sockets have safety switches and have proper labels.
  • Extension leads should not represent a permanent solution for power distribution. You should always find them a safe spot in order to prevent any trip hazard.

4. Lighting and heating

  • Halogen lamps represent a high fire risk, so we advise you to replace them with safer alternatives
  • When a fluorescent light is used and is enclosed, it must be ventilated to stop it overheating
  • If you discover any damaged lighting wires, we recommend you switch off the lights immediately and call in a qualified electrician to fix the problem
  • Never leave the offices unattended when heating appliances are on

5. Staff training and qualified electrical work

  • If a staff member needs to use electrical equipment – whether it’s a low-risk or high-risk environment – as part of their job, the person must have proper training. This includes not only knowing the device functionality but also preventing and identifying potential risks associated with it.
  • For your business and staff electrical safety, ensure only qualified, registered engineers and electricians carry out any electrical work.


With a highly qualified team of electricians, we strive to deliver outstanding services for your business. Our experience, efficiency and proactive nature are the qualities that make Jaric Electrical your local expert in electrical concerns.

Call us today at 1300 452 742 for any electrical advice, high quality electrical products and flawless workmanship in your home or business.

On behalf of Jaric Electrical and the entire crew, I’d like to thank you for joining us on our first blog and we would like to assure you that your electrical safety at work will always remain our no. 1 priority.

Until next time, stay safe and productive!

Your friend and electrical expert,

John Ricca



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