Winter Electrical Hazards

Are you doing all you can to protect yourself and your family against winter electrical hazards? If you still hesitate a bit, the following guidelines will refresh your electrical safety knowledge. For added peace of mind, you can take these safety measures all year round, so you can keep your dear ones safe from any electrical risks.

‘Be vigilant and limit the dangers of house fires.’ This was the message Fire support services sent out to Queensland residents this winter during their busiest time of year. Whether you left your electric heater on, clogged your power outlet or tripped over an extension cord, danger lurks around every corner. That is why a careful look at your electrical devices will prevent all these winter electrical hazards from happening.

After learning some basic rules in our previous winter electrical hazards’ blog article, there are more things to add on your electrical safety checklist:


Remember water and electrical safety

First and foremost, water and electricity can NEVER mix! We’ve known this by heart ever since we were little. Therefore, power points should be installed at a safe distance from water sources, especially in kitchens and bathrooms. If space doesn’t allow, then you might want to use outlet plug covers to prevent accidental contact or electric shock.


Keep extension cords well organised

Whilst often underestimated, extension cords are a major tripping hazard in both domestic and commercial environments. And you don’t want that for yourself, your family or your friends coming over for dinner.

Actually, the best way to use an electric appliance is to plug it directly into the socket. However, if you really need to use extension cords, don’t just place them under the carpet. Instead, fix them with cord organisers or use floor cord protectors if you have to run them along the room.


Take extra safety measures for children

Keep the little ones safe from winter electrical hazards! Another thing we’d recommend you to do is teaching your children about electrical safety at home. Explain to them how electricity works, this way they will understand the possible dangers. Also, if you have babies crawling around the house, you know it’s time to childproof power outlets.

Remember it’s never too soon to learn about electrical safety at home!

 Leave enough space around electrical devices

Need some space? So do your electrical appliances. It is important to realize that every device should have some empty space around it so that its internal cooling system can work effectively. This applies not only to computers and TVs but also for microwaves, refrigerators or freezers.

Therefore, before turning them on, inspect them carefully, check for recommendations in the instruction manual and adjust their position properly.


Ask for advice from your local electrical expert

For your safety, have a licensed, experienced electrician check your property’s wiring to see if there’s any damage. This way, they can perform accurate safety tests using their special equipment.

After you’ve done your part, let us deal with the rest of electrical issues you might have. Whatever electrical services you need to be done, call Jaric Electrical at 1300 452 742 and get personalized advice and solutions. Our team is dedicated to keeping your home safer, as well as making your life easier.


Until next time, remember to always be vigilant when dealing with electricity!

Your friend and electrical expert,

John Ricca


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