All you need to know about the wonderful ‘dry mode’


In a world where hot air and humidity can make your life miserable, choose to use ‘dry mode’, or ‘dehumidification mode’, a common alternative term for this function. So, how can your AC give you the comfort you deserve, the freshness you should breathe and the coolness that is, as us Aussies know, your best friend in the heat of summer? Sit back and read on!


A wise man once said – bare with me, this is actually about ‘dry mode’ – that anything which implies the attribute of ‘dryness’ must be of high quality. And, even if he was mainly talking about wines, one can still argue that ‘dry’ is often a good characteristic. Now going back to our today’s topic, using the AC’s ‘dry mode’ function is not only useful but also imperative.


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Why is ‘dry mode’ such an essential function?


In general, experts recommend a level of humidity for indoor environments somewhere in the range of 30%-50% relative humidity. This actually represents the amount of water vapour the air contains compared to the maximum amount it would hold at any given temperature.

Nowadays, many intelligent ducted and split system air conditioning units can offer a variety of efficient dehumidification solutions. All you have to do is get in touch with your local AC specialist and ask for further explanations regarding the ‘dry mode’.


Discomforts caused by high humidity? ‘Dry mode’ is your solution


Obviously, there’s no wonder you’re disturbed by allergens like mould, dust mites and mildew. Remember Shakespeare’s saying? ‘All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players?’ Well, the analogy in our case would be ‘All your moist home’s a stage, and all the mould and mildew merely players’… to the extent you feel uncomfortable, with allergies symptoms or even asthma. For this reason, a simple turn on ‘dry mode’ to your air conditioner can be a game changer.

What’s more, without the ‘dry mode’ function, it’s harder for you to get cool in the unbearable heat. Why? Because your body can’t cool down effectively since humidity doesn’t let your sweat evaporate.

Furthermore, the odours that usually accompany mould and damp, the ones that can make your guests feel like they’re in a dark basement, can be avoided with the use of ‘dry mode’.

Apart from that, humidity can also affect your clothing, furniture, curtains, bedlinen and other textiles. Again, ‘dry mode’ can alleviate this issue, too.


Still not sure about ‘dry mode’?dehumidification-your-life

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