As part of the safety regulations at the workplace, the Test and Tag procedure plays a very important role. But what does it mean anyway? What kind of commercial equipment do you need to test and tag? And what is the relevant legislation you should comply with? Find out valuable insights on this topic in this week’s blog!


What is Test and Tag?

Since your electrical safety at work is our no. 1 priority, we highly recommend you to include test and tag services in your regular electrical maintenance.

Basically, Test and Tag is a process of carefully inspecting the safety of each electrical appliance by a licensed electrician. First and foremost, this procedure ensures the safety of the people in the workplace coming into contact with the appliance. In the same time, it minimises the risk of electrical hazards that can potentially bring damage to the commercial equipment.


What are your legal requirements as a business owner?

In general, Test and Tag is a method of ensuring compliance with Australian Electrical Safety regulations at the workplace. According to WHS (Work Health and Safety), all Australian workplaces must be able to demonstrate safe systems of work. Also, they need to show detailed results of the test as recorded by the electrician.

In particular, there are two main legislative frameworks you should refer to:

  • Australian Standard AS/NZS 3760: 2010 In-Service Safety Inspection and Testing of Electrical Equipment. This is actually the most relevant standard for the safety inspection and testing of electrical appliances.
  • Electrical Safety Regulation 2013, ensuring the electrical safety of electrical workers, as well as specifying the intervals for testing.

Therefore, Testing and tagging has been implemented in Australia and New Zealand as a strategy to ensure the safety of electrical appliances in the workplace. You can also find information about how this procedure applies to Queensland businesses by visiting the Work Place Safety website.


Which electrical equipment requires testing and tagging and which ones don’t?

test and tag servicesIn order to ensure maximum safety for your employees and customers, you should inspect all portable electrical items designed for connection by flexible supply cord and plug top to 240v or 415v power. In fact, all commercial environments, such as offices, factories, organisations or community centres should comply with the standards.

On the contrary, the following items are not mandatory to receive testing and tagging inspection as per AS/NZS 3760:2010:

  • Fixed or hardwired devices
  • Items located at a height exceeding 2.5 metres
  • Appliances which you need to disassemble in order to establish a safe operation
  • Demonstration and sample or new stock in a retail or warehouse outlet


Remember Test and Tag brings you the peace of mind of operating with secure equipment while ensuring your staff safety!

If you need any commercial electrical services, call Jaric Electrical at 1300 452 742 and let your business be in safe hands!


Until next time, stay tuned for more information about the test and tag services!

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