The complete guide to commercial energy efficiency

Nowadays, there seems to be an increasing trend towards commercial energy efficiency. More and more businesses, no matter their size, scope or location, think of ways to improve their energy-saving habits. This week, we’ve compiled a set of best practices so you can save power, reduce bills and make your business environmentally friendly.

It’s usually said that the cheapest energy is the one you don’t use. How does this apply to commercial environments? The answer is pretty straight-forward. Your business can easily cut costs and boost productivity by reducing waste and improving the energy efficiency of the building.

And what better way to save more energy than raising awareness amongst employees and cultivating healthy energy-conscious habits? Here are some practical ways to get started:


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Promote power-off over stand-by mode 

promote power-off

First and foremost, there is a common misconception that standby is equivalent to shut down in terms of energy usage. In reality, it’s actually NOT true. Whilst this ‘sleep mode’ is considered to be economical, it’s still a waste of unnecessary energy. Therefore, you should encourage staff to turn off computers, monitors, printers or copiers at the end of each working day.

Choose appliances with high energy ratings

Moreover, if you’re using old devices, the running costs might be causing high monthly power bills. That is why upgrading to newer appliances that display an energy rating label can be a really good investment for your business. Remember, the more stars, the more savings, the more successful your commercial energy efficiency campaign will end up being.

Switch from computers to laptops if possible

At the same time, consider replacing computers with laptops, if possible, as they use half of the energy. Over time, you will definitely see some major positive changes in the electricity bills. Plus, this may offer your staff extra flexibility if your business has ‘work-from-home’ policies in place.

 Schedule regular electrical safety inspections

Finally, a key point when it comes to commercial energy efficiency is scheduling electrical safety inspections with your licensed electrician. Whether it’s preventative electrical maintenance or test and tag services, you will have the peace of mind of having your business compliant and your equipment 100% safe at all times.


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Until next time, stay tuned to find out more ways to make your business energy efficient. Let’s light the way to a ‘greener’ commercial environment!

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