When you need a commercial electrical fit-out, there are several questions that come to mind.

As a business owner, you probably want to make sure the process runs as smoothly as possible. By following these 4 simple steps, your office or shop will be ready in no time!

Fitting out a new or existing commercial space looks quite a challenge at first glance. However, it won’t be a hustle and bustle as long as you do your homework in advance. From the look and feel of the office to its available facilities, you should take into account what will increase staff productivity and improve your company’s image.

Whether the electrical fit-out is part of a complete fitting or just by itself, the following advice will help you in the planning process.

So are you ready to “get fit” for a new commercial fit-out?

1. Ask yourself the 5 W questions

“Where do I need the commercial fit-out?”

While the answer is quite obvious when you own the space for quite a while, this is a question for business owners that have just acquired or plan to acquire a site. So, first and foremost, find and familiarize with the commercial space you want the fit-out for.

“Why do I need an office or shop fit-out?”

Second, you should know the reasons why you plan an electrical fit-out. Whether you design a new office, extend or renovate an existing shop, know your objectives too.

“What kind of electrical work do I need to be done?”

Next on your to-do list is to identify what electrical tasks need to be performed in the commercial space. Installing alarm systems, heating/cooling units, interior and exterior lighting are just the basics required for a commercial electrical workload.

“When do I need the fit-out to be finished?”

Another thing to consider is to set a timeline for the entire fit-out process. Depending on the size and complexity of your commercial fit out, we recommend you to set realistic timeframes. By doing this, you can monitor the progress every step of the way.

“Who will perform the commercial electrical fit-out?”

Last but least, choosing a team of licensed and qualified electricians is vital in the whole fit-out process. Not only that you will receive a personalized advice for your business but you will have the peace of mind of getting quality work and long-term results.

2. Implement efficient system designs

LED technologyBasic systems like lighting and temperature control can be upgraded to more efficient and ‘smart’ technologies. So, if energy efficiency is a top priority regarding the electrical fit-out, then you might want to consider the following:

  • Lighting: What types of lighting will you use? From overhead luminaires, desk lamps to the energy efficient LEDs, office lighting offer a lot of options and solutions.
  • Electrical equipment: Do you have enough power and data connections for every workplace? Are there enough safety switches to protect all of your staff?
  • Air conditioners and thermostats: Where are the best points for their installation and how will they be controlled? We recommend you make an efficient operation schedule so you don’t have to pay astronomical bills to your energy provider.


3. Think about how to keep your business running during the fit-out

When fitting out your office, for instance, you should never ignore the business continuity. This means that the fit-out work should have a minimal impact on the staff productivity and customer satisfaction. In order to achieve that, you can consider to:

  • Leave key departments undisturbed at important times during business hours. Also, you can choose to carry out your office fit-out after business hours. This is extremely important when migrating your IT and telecoms systems to a new location in order to prevent disrupting communications.
  • Make sure your clients are still able to contact you via phone or email during the design and construction phases of your new office fit-out.

4. Know your legal obligations regarding electrical safety

Most of all, electrical safety at work should be your number one priority.

The fit-out plan should comply with the law if you want to avoid costly lawsuits and other legal problems in the future. This also includes getting a certificate of electrical safety for all electrical equipment, as well as providing fire services, smoke alarms and emergency exits.

Finally, for your business and staff electrical safety, ensure only qualified, registered engineers and electricians carry out any electrical work.


If you need help with your commercial electrical fit-out, contact Jaric Electrical for quick and efficient service and long-time results!


Until next time, good luck with your commercial electrical fit-out!

Your friend and electrical expert,

John Ricca




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