Does your commercial AC need to be repaired or replaced? – Part 2

In these modern times, we can’t even imagine how a hot day at work would look like without a commercial AC. But, like any other appliance, an air conditioner also has a limited lifespan and unfortunately it can fail at times. If you don’t know whether repair or replacement is better, our AC experts have some useful tips for you. Find out all of them in this week’s blog article!

In Australia, air conditioning is, literally, ‘like the air we breathe”. Most of home and business owners probably agree with this phrase. In fact, businesses solely rely on it to keep their staff, customers or stock at a proper and comfortable temperature.

But there are times when the system just stops doing its job properly. In order to reduce the negative effects on your business, we always look for quick and efficient solutions. So is it worth fixing the AC unit? Or is it wiser to buy a new one?

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need an air con service

When dealing with air con failures, there are some factors that can help you determine how serious the problem is. Here are some of them:

Is your commercial AC unit leaking? Is it using a proper refrigerant?

First of all, air conditioners need a certain type and level of refrigerant to effectively cool the space. However, if your commercial AC needs constant top ups with refrigerant, that might indicate a possible leak. Plus, leaking air conditioners directly emit environmentally harmful gasses into the atmosphere and run less efficiently. So, fixing them on a regular basis may cost just as much as buying a new basic AC unit.

Either way, remember that only an ‘ARC-tick certified technician can handle refrigerants, so that all staff and business assets are safe during and after the procedure.

Has the air conditioning system received regular maintenance over the years?

In general, businesses tend to run air conditioners harder than households do. While regular maintenance is important for both, the nature of commercial AC requirements makes it a bigger concern for business customers. This is why you should also think about how often you scheduled a professional check or maintenance service.

If your business is based in Queensland, you should have your AC unit inspected at least twice a year. In reality, however, it can vary depending on the age, type and purpose of the system. Nowadays, most of the business owners prefer to sign a contract with an air conditioning specialist for maintenance services. Remember it’s always better to prevent than to repair!

Are you planning to move your business to another location in the future?

Finally, there is this ‘small detail’ to take into consideration: location. If you signed, for instance, a 10-year contract for the current building, then it’s probably worth replacing an old unit. This way, you and your staff can enjoy a well-performing energy-efficient commercial AC many years from now.

But if you are going to extend your business and move it somewhere else, repairing the current one would probably make more sense. Not only that you choose a cost-effective solution but you also put some money aside for your future investments!

In conclusion, no matter what your business circumstances are, make sure to ask your AC specialist’s opinion, too. Call Jaric Air Conditioning and our commercial technicians will help you find the best way to proceed in your situation.

Until next time, make smart decisions regarding your commercial AC!

Your friend and AC expert,

John Ricca


need an air con service

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