Considering today’s high electricity cost, knowing your commercial AC energy efficiency should become your first priority. Not only that it brings awareness but it also helps you find the right energy saving solutions for further implementation. So, as a business owner, what tools do you use to better monitor and control your air con performance? Find out what and how an online energy calculator can help you in this week’s blog.


Why is there an increasing need for energy efficiency in commercial environments?

Nowadays, air conditioning systems typically account for around 50% of the energy usage in buildings. Plus, they represent more than 50% of the potential energy-efficiency improvements that could be made, especially in the commercial buildings.

Fortunately, the Australian Government has been working hand in hand lately with other agencies in order to provide business owners with useful energy usage measuring tools. In fact, if used on a regular basis, these online resources may save your business thousands of dollars on energy.


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Calculating Cool Online HVAC Rating Tool

calculating coolCalculating Cool is a free online tool that measures how efficient your building’s HVAC system is. Furthermore, it aims to correctly rank different systems and identify potential areas for improvement.

The tool has been developed by AIRAH in partnership with the Property Council of Australia (PCA), the Facilities Management Association of Australia (FMAA), and the Air-conditioning and Mechanical Contractors’ Association (AMCA).


What data you need:

  • Sub-metered energy consumption for the HVAC system only, for 12 continuous months; alternatively, you may use the base building energy consumption
  • Predicted annual energy consumption (for HVAC system only)
  • Energy efficiency aspects of the HVAC system configuration
  • Other additional information in regards to documentation and user satisfaction

Finally, you receive a Report Output based on the information you provided. Usually, this includes a quantitative rating table comparing the building’s performance against Best Practice, as well as attribute ratings.



  • Particular focus on a building’s HVAC system performance
  • Free online tool, useful for building owners, managers, and AC professionals
  • A mechanism for assessing commercial AC energy efficiency as simple as possible
  • Identify potential opportunities for improvement through tuning, upgrades, behaviour change, or monitoring.



To summarize, using an online energy usage calculator such as Calculating Cool can be practical, effective and cost-effective. With a combination of quantitative and qualitative measures across the design, installation and operational phases of the AC life cycle, the tool can basically have a great impact on the way business owners understand energy efficiency.


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Until next time, save time and money with an energy efficiency calculator!

Your friend and AC expert,

John Ricca