A single air conditioning mistake can sometimes cost you valuable resources. To overcome this, we’ve put together the most common mistakes people usually make with their AC unit and our advice to them. Read this blog article and you won’t have to waste your money and energy anymore.

There’s nothing more rewarding than a cool blast when walking into your home on a hot summer day. Since your air conditioning is the one to thank, you should know its “well-being” lies in your hands. Therefore, a clean and maintained system will effectively and efficiently run for your thermal comfort on the long term.

According to Australia’s Government guide to sustainable homes, heating and cooling take up approximately 40% of the household energy use. With the electricity cost rising in the past decade, it’s now more important than ever to take responsible actions.

Are you also doing these air conditioning mistakes?

Let’s say you recently bought an AC that is just too big for your home. Or you just keep postponing that regular AC maintenance your system needs so badly. If you find yourself in the situations described below, you may be losing valuable resources. Here are 6 common mistakes people make with their AC and some simple adjustments that can save money and energy:

1. Buying an AC unit that is just not right for you

In the air conditioners world, “one size fits all” rule does simply not apply. Units that are too small will not handle the cooling/heating demands and shorten their lifespan. On the other hand, oversized units will cycle on and off, leading to unwanted temperature changes and high energy bills. If we’re to choose a better case, the correct answer would be “none of the above”.

Our advice

There are some basic rules in order to find out the size of the air conditioner you need. Doing an accurate load calculation, measuring the square footage, layout, and insulation of your house are some of the factors to determine it.

2. Setting too low temperatures in the summer

Does turning your home into an “icicle” look like a great idea to beat the summer heat? Well, it may be for just a second. However, it’s important to know that the system will run harder, longer and waste more energy to reach the goal.

Our advice

Setting an AC one degree warmer than you normally would cut cooling costs by 10%, according to Energy Australia. A small change can make such a big difference, so imagine what that means over the years!

3. Cooling/heating empty rooms

Almost a quarter of Australians admit to leaving their AC running when they’re not home, according to Finder researches. This amounts to 2.3 million households, wasting an average of 4.1 hours in energy per day.

Source: Finder research/December 2017


The reason is they either forget their AC on or they want to receive a good “frosty” welcome.

Our advice

With these figures in mind, using air conditioning wisely is the key. By that, we mean smart air conditioners. With a wide range of smart AC units, smart thermostats and smart apps on the market, you will be in total control of your thermal comfort. Anytime, anywhere.


4. Neglecting the regular AC maintenance

Is your AC unit looking kind of tired lately? Or does it blow hot air instead of cool air? This is typically your system way of telling you it needs repair or, in worse cases, replacement. Most of the times, an incorrect maintenance lead to these problems.

Our advice

Just like any periodic health check, your air conditioner maintenance is also vital for an optimal and long-lasting performance. The best way to ensure it is to schedule a professional check by a trusted and qualified company. Ideally, you should have your AC system inspected and cleaned at least once a year.


5. Choosing a low Energy Star Rating AC

If you noticed any unusual spikes in the electricity bill lately, your AC may be at fault. Older air conditioners were designed to meet the Standards at their time and consume more energy than the modern ones. If your AC has a lower star rating, this means it’s not very energy efficient, nor environmental friendly.

Our advice

We recommend you carefully check the star rating label when buying a new AC to replace your old one. The label displays a star rating, from 1 to 6 stars, for cooling and heating efficiency. “The more, the better” rule applies, which means that every extra star will add up in energy-efficiency and cut down costs at the same time.

Nowadays, super-efficient air conditioners can go up to 10 stars. Imagine how a low energy bill would look like!


6. Hiring unqualified tradies

Working with unlicensed tradies for minor home services may give you the impression of saving some money for other things. In reality, if something fails, they may conveniently disappear and not be there to repair it. Or they might not have the resources or expertise to get your issue solved in a timely manner. It’s probably not ideal if your AC unit shuts down in the hot days of summer, so you end up spending much more time and money to fix it or buy a new one.

Our advice

Calling a trusted and reliable company would definitely bring you not only peace of mind but expert advice, a large certified team of tradespeople and the assurance that they’ll be there if you ever require their services. Here, at Jaric Air Conditioning, we give you our word for it!



We all learn from our mistakes. In fact, identifying them is a first step to create better experiences. We hope this article gave you valuable insights of what is causing that energy waste – yours and your air conditioners.


Until next time, stay cool and remember mistakes are eventually learning experiences!

Your friend and AC expert,

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