Since your air conditioning system has done a great “full-time-cooling-job” this summer, it deserves some praise, as well as a proper air conditioning maintenance work. Whether we’re talking about a basic DIY cleaning or a thorough professional check, your AC needs you to take care of it so that you can enjoy peak performance for the rest of the year.

Why is maintenance so important for your AC?

Like any other home appliance, your air conditioner requires regular checks. High summer temperatures and humidity may have drained your AC unit, that’s why autumn is a great time to do some maintenance work. If you live in Queensland, you should check on your AC unit twice a year but it can vary depending on the type and age of the system.

For a correct AC maintenance, the owner’s manual will give you a complete list of instructions. While you can perform some of the routines yourself, we recommend you also get a professional check. There are complex procedures that need to be conducted by a qualified and licensed technician. This way you will have peace of mind and keep the system clean and healthy all year round.

Our team at Jaric Air Conditioning is fully qualified to handle any air conditioning maintenance service. Depending on your AC needs, we carefully go through a checklist to ensure maximum enjoyment for your household.


Air conditioning maintenance checklist

  • Filters – Having a significant impact on the energy use, filters are one of the hardest working components of your AC unit. We do a complete clean of the system filters, then recommend the necessary replacements, if needed.


  • Coils – Usually, the evaporator and condenser coils attract dirt and dust with time, resulting in a clogged system. This way, it reduces the airflow, impacting the ability to cool and/or heat your home. We thoroughly clean your condenser coils from any unwanted filth.


  • Coil fins – Thin aluminum fins surround the coils in order to catch the air. Over time, these can get bent out of shape, blocking air flow. We check the fins and reset them to the correct shape.


  • Drains – Typically, air conditioners leak water or condensation when in a high use. If impurities block the condensation drains, they significantly reduce the effectiveness of your air conditioner. So, we make sure to clear any drains for optimal performance.


  • Leaks – Sometimes, refrigerant can leak from your system, lowering the cooling capacity of the system. Checking for leaks and testing their performance is another important task on our “to do list”.


  • Electrical work – Condensation and electricity are the worst possible combination and can lead to deadly accidents if the issues are not spotted in time. To prevent any of these from happening, we carefully inspect all electrical connections, tighten them if necessary and apply non-conductive coatings. For more information about other electrical services we offer, click on the following Jaric electrical services link .


  • Mounts – A noisy air conditioner can become really frustrating. We check the mountings and anti-vibration matting in order to reduce annoying rattles.


  • Thermostat – For optimal performance, your thermostat has to operate at the correct temperatures. In this regard, we check and test your thermostat for accuracy.


If you need any help with your air conditioning maintenance, call our friendly team for 100% worry-free service and customer satisfaction.

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Until next time, be responsible and take good care of your air con!

Your friend and AC expert,

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