Top 3 reasons why spring is a great time to schedule your AC installation

What is the best time of year to take care of your new AC installation? In theory, anytime! In practice, though, you may want to consider having your split or ducted system installed this spring for a number of reasons. Read this week’s blog post to find out how you can be better prepared for the long hot days of summer.

‘When should I replace my old air conditioner with a new one?’ It’s a question we get quite a lot from our customers. The truth is: it depends. Having to change an air conditioner in the middle of summer is probably the last thing anyone wants in terms of costs and comfort. But if it breaks down, unfortunately, you don’t really have too many options to consider.

On the other hand, if you’ve been planning to upgrade your old system to a more energy-efficient one, some seasons are better off to work with when it comes to installations than others. Spring is undoubtedly one of them. Good variety of models, enough time for planning and availability of technicians are just some of the main advantages the season offers you.


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So, why should you have your air con system installed this spring anyways?

1. There is a wide range of models and brands to choose from if you need to purchase a new AC

models and brands to choose fromFirst of all, before worrying about the installation, there’s another thing to keep in mind: choosing the right air conditioner. From size, brand, capacity to energy efficiency level, you should carefully consider the features before making any decision.

For this reason, spring is considered to be a blooming’ time also for air conditioner purchases. In fact, there is a whole list of ‘new releases’ during this time of year. Do some comparisons and eventually decide on the most suitable AC for you, then move further to the next step.

2. You can take the time to do a proper planning before the summer temperatures rush in

Australian summers are definitely no joke. With the spring months upon us and the sweltering hot days not too far away, most homeowners in need of a new AC want to ‘beat the heat’ well in advance. So you may want to be prepared for it and be able to enjoy the cool atmosphere inside your home.

After purchasing the most suitable air con system for your home, it’s time to consider the technical facts, such as location. If you need any advice regarding the installation, we highly encourage you to consult a qualified AC expert beforehand. This way, you will have the peace of mind of going through every single point on your checklist.

3. Professional technicians have more flexibility to meet your schedule

Jaric professional technicianFinally, there’s one last detail to take care of: scheduling the new AC installation with your local technician. It’s no secret that summer is typically a very busy season in the air conditioning world. From emergency repairs, replacements to frequent seasonal maintenance calls, tradies do their best to fulfil everyone’s needs.

During spring, however, you may find that professional installers have more flexibility to meet your schedule, needs and demands. This means you don’t have to change your plans for your new AC installation – just pick the best time for you and your family!

In conclusion, planning the installation ahead of time can save yourself and your family from unbearably hot summer days. So what are you waiting for?

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Until next time, remember spring is the ‘reason for the season’ for your AC installation!

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